#TGIF family!!! it’s the last Friday of the Month of July 2019 & we will shortly land in the 8th month of August. The year 2019 is rolling along quickly & Q3 will soon be over, so how far have you achieved as regards your 2019 set goals?

Since all national cup competitions have come to an end, we are ever getting closer to the start of a new EPL season & my darling club – Chelsea FC– the pride of London is fixing to take another stab at winning the EPL again & also doing well in Europe.

Today’s post will continue on our discuss regarding “The making of a Great Team” & this will be the 4th post in the series.

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Following John C. Maxwell 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, today we will be looking at “The Law of the Chain

The strength of the team is impacted by its weakest link. When a weak link remains on the team the stronger members identify the weak one, end up having to help him/her, come to resent him/her, become less effective, and ultimately question their leader’s ability.

This nicely ties up with a post I made last year on the topic the weakest link based on a popular British game show I loved watching growing up.

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A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link“, this statement first appeared in Thomas Reid’s “Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man,” published in 1786 & it means that a group is only as strong or successful as its weakest or least successful member.

So far, the discussions have been majorly related to teams in a corporate or organizational settings but today I’ll like to switch to looking at a couple as a team. A man & a woman coming together in holy matrimony under God forms a team just like any other team. Gen 2:24 & Ecclesiastes 4:12

It will be 14 years (by November) that I said “I DO” to my delectable & authentic wife in the presence of witnesses & it’s been a fantastic journey since. We went through all of the various stages of team development & now we are the performance stage of our relationship.

God has granted us the privilege by his mercy to make our home heaven on earth, a haven & not an oven. It took us a lot of work to get here & to an outsider it seems everything is working effortlessly & smoothly, just like a duck gliding on the stream, there is a lot of leg-work action going on underneath that you are not seeing.

A major part of our success is our ability to constantly deal with our weaknesses (reducing them to the minimum) while maximizing our strengths. Our relationship has been a source of inspiration to people around us & we get several requests to counsel young folks who are about to get into a relationship or are already in a relationship.

For those who are about to get into a relationship, we counsel them not to be in a hurry, to work more on themselves as individuals & ensure they dont hook up with an incompatible & weak partner as a team mate. God is interested in making a great home for anyone just like he did for Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden

For those already in a relationship, we talk to them about the need for a strong & dynamic team in the home, the need to work on themselves to identify areas of individual weaknesses & start to eliminate them while also looking at the weaknesses of the team together.

The feedback we get is really encouraging most of the time & it also confirms that the principles we’ve used over the years really works.

The aim is not to create carbon copies of us or our relationship but to help each individual or couple be the best they can be as planned by God.


  • God cares so much about everything in your life & your happiness is important to him. Remember he thought about the need of a help-meet for Adam. Genesis 2:18, Jeremiah 29:11
  • Your marital team mate is out there waiting for you. Just continue to focus & work on yourself, ensure you are dealing with your weaknesses & growing in all areas of your life, in due time your team mate will show up. Habakkuk 2:3, Genesis 2:22-23
  • Once you find & bond with your team mate under God, aim for greatness ( Contend for the ultimate prize). Ecclesiastes 4:12, Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 9:25
  • The home team is not in a competition, you are rather meant to complement each other. So give each member the space & chance to perform in their areas of strength. 2 Corinthians 10:12

I hope this helps someone out there.

Going back to corporate & organization settings, the way to deal with a weak link is slightly different. In this case it’s more ruthless at the end as the weakling is ultimately removed from the team.

The best practice is to find a way of helping the weak team member by tagging them with a strong person & reassessing progress after a while, if the situation doesn’t change for the best, the weak member will have to be taken out of the team as the impact of keeping that weak member will be catastrophic on the team. ( The Law of the Bad Apple)

Do you have weaknesses?

What are your plans of dealing with them?

Do you have a strong team?

How do you deal with a weakling?

Next stop we will be looking at THE LAW of the CATALYST

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The Weakest Link

weakest link

Hello everyone, hope we are all doing great as we get to the end of the 4th month in 2018?

There are still 8 fantastic months to go & I hope we will all make the best of it to ensure that the year finishes on a grand style.

It’s taken me a while to develop this post & it all crystallized recently when I was privileged to be on an interview panel & one of the usual questions popped up again… “Do highlight your strengths & weaknesses?”

It was interesting to see almost all the interviewees easily answer the first part of the question while they virtually struggled with the second part. It was clear that no considerable thought was given to the weakness part & I recalled at another time that someone answered the same question saying he had no weakness.

It is important to note that no one is perfect & we are all striving toward perfection, we are all work-in-progress in the hands of our maker.

As we progress in life, one of our major duties is to constantly access ourselves to refine & compound our strengths & eradicate our weaknesses. As the saying goes “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”.

Growing up I enjoyed watching a game show called ” The Weakest Link

The Weakest Link is a British television quiz show, the first original episode was broadcasted on 14th August 2000 & the show was presented by Anne Robinson a very fierce & intimidating woman.

The whole idea of the show was to get 9 total strangers to work together to win money by answering series of questions in a short time in multiple rounds. At the end of each round, the weakest link must be voted out until the last 2 contestants emerge who now go for a final round of sudden death in which the person who answers the most question wins.

Whoever gets the most questions wrong, wins the least money or loses the most money is the weakest link. Since it’s a strategic quiz show if there is a tie, the strongest contestant gets to pick who the weakest link is & that person is eliminated.

In comparison to our lives, we should be constantly playing this game. I carry out this exercise regularly with members of my team at work & I get very different responses.

Some embrace it while others don’t see the need for it & totally reject it, but it has been really helpful & uplifting for those who took the advice & went on the journey.

There are some behaviors, traits, characters, friends & people around us that we should really analyze & categorize as weak links & we need to eliminate them from our lives so as to move forward. I am sure you can think of a few right now!

But, unlike the game, doing this could be very difficult as most of us are comfortable with these weaknesses & just accept it.

To effectively manage & handle our weaknesses we must firstly know them. It’s difficult to manage what you are not aware of.

I recommend doing a personality test. There are so many of such tests online which usually includes SWOT & DISC analysis.

Get to know yourself!!  You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself!!

It’s impossible to consistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with how you see yourself.

You could also ask people around you for feedbacks especially at work where we spend most of our times.

If you are open about such feedbacks & don’t take it personal, colleagues & friends can be a great feedback system to help in your assessment.

Once identified, you need to start working on eliminating them, get help from books, take courses, attend events & connect with mentors who are strong in your area(s) of weaknesses.

Design & follow a plan of action consistently.

Don’t take on too many projects at a time, take it one by one & you will be surprised at how things will turn out as you work towards getting better in those areas.

I have personally experienced this & it’s amazing…

Let’s play the weakest link!!

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!