Quality of Life – Final

This is the final post on this topic. We will be looking at the last set of three areas that determine the quality of the life we live. As a recap, we've looked at the following aspects: Family Career Finances Time Management & Organization Fun & Recreation Personal Growth & Development Today, we are looking … Continue reading Quality of Life – Final

The Quality of Life – Part 2

In the previous post we highlighted the first three areas of the quality of life, namely Family, Career & Finances. Now let's move to the second set of three. Time Management & Organization: (Opportunities)¬†Everyone has 24 hours a day, regardless of the social strata we belong to. Our ability to manage time will determine the … Continue reading The Quality of Life – Part 2

The Quality of Life – Part 1

I recently conducted a network-wide audit at the office with some consultants from South Africa. We spent a lot of time together & during the course of the audit we all got a bit close. We discussed about work, life, family, visions, politics, Africa & the World in general. Their technical lead was a 50¬†year … Continue reading The Quality of Life – Part 1