Modern Living – Final

In the previous posts ( Part 1 & Part 2), we looked at learning & earning as 2 key components of modern living based on the article I read from an in-flight magazine while I was travelling. The last component from the article was shopping,but I am deviating from this as I remembered a statement from my … Continue reading Modern Living – Final

Modern Living – Part 2

In the last post, we started off by discussing the need to learn continually as one of the major areas required to qualify as a modern citizen of the world. Today, I will be touching on the second area which is Earning( Finance). Before, talks about money were centered around earning,spending and saving. I recall … Continue reading Modern Living – Part 2

Modern Living – Part 1

I recently traveled for work & while reading the Airline's in-flight magazine I saw an article on the topic "modern living". The focus of this article was to highlight 3 areas where upgrade is required in order to be termed a modern citizen of the world. The writer mentioned: 1. Learning 2. Finances 3. Shopping … Continue reading Modern Living – Part 1