There is ROOM!!!

Hello family!! This is wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a fantastic new year ahead.

It was a great Christmas celebration yesterday for us, I had an interesting chat with my daughter about the day, made an 11 seconds Christmas greeting video that we shared across social media, had a video chat with extended family members, called friends & went to the mall to relax then capped the evening off watching a Gwen Stefani Christmas special & a BBC concert of one of my wive’s favourite artist Michael BublĂ©.

To crown it all one of my 2017 goals as regards my blog’s reach was fulfilled when I got informed that my recent series on “Cultivating Leadership Skills in our Kids” has been selected to be published in a US christian magazine (King’s Treasure Magazine) by a college mate of mine – Samson King & both the digital & print versions will be distributed & shipped everywhere.

Today as I went about completing some pending chores ( ensuring no carry-over), I thought again about the Christmas story as discussed with my daughter & one thing jumped at me….. There was NO ROOM in all the hotels across Bethlehem for Joseph & his young pregnant wife & the only place for them to stay & give birth was in a manger.

The birth of Jesus Christ as we celebrate it year on year started the process of God restoring THAT which was lost by Adam at the beginning, it was a REVERSAL mission.

God became Man so that Men can be Gods, came from Heaven to take us to Heaven, He became poor so we can be rich, he took our sickness so we can be healed & remain in health, he had no room to stay in Bethlehem so we can have all the room we need.

As we round up the year, I always practice & encourage everyone to conduct an assessment of how their year went, measure their progress no matter how little & project into the new year with the aim of getting better.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement

One of the things I am learning to practice regularly is having an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY, to know that there is always more, it helps to guard against complacency & not to settle or plateau.

No matter how great, good or not so good the year 2017 was, there is room to improve in the new year.

Please take the remaining 5 days of this year to ask questions about how to get better in 2018 across different aspects of your life & be determined to make it happen.

I am available to provide any support or guidance required to accomplish this & seriously looking forward to the best of 2018.

My key word for 2018 is IMPROVEMENT!!

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!