15 from 15

Saturday, 5th November 2005 was a glorious day! After 7 years of courtship with my fiancĂ© we exchanged our vows and it's still one of the best decisions I've made in my life.It was 15 years since that day on Thursday November 5 2020 and I would like to just share 15 nuggets that I've gleaned … Continue reading 15 from 15


Tales From A Grateful Heart 2

This is the second episode in the series "Tales From A Grateful Heart" & the focus is on Float's family


This is my quick response post to some videos/comments going viral on social media about the link of 5G & COVID-19 and the resultant fear

TFAGH Episode 1

Tales from a grateful heart is a new series that is dedicated to sharing real lessons learnt through life's journey told in a fictitious way to make impact.

Tales From A Grateful Heart

Tales from a grateful heart (#TFAGH) is a new series on real life experiences told via fictional characters to share lessons learnt over time so as to impact others positively.

The Anatomy of a Fighter II

This is the 2nd post in the series "The Anatomy of A Fighter" & the focus today is to highlight 4 facts from 1John4:4. The engine on our inside is of a very heavy capacity


This post is just to celebrate our 5th year anniversary!! We've come a long way & we are just starting!!


The year & decade that was!! This post talks about the need to review the year & decade, set goals for the new year & decade while providing support to those that have challenges with setting & achieving their goals. It's my last post for the year & decade!!

The Anatomy of a Fighter!

This is a re-fire post after a 3 months silence due to the transition to glory of my kid brother. I am a fighter in a battle, however the WAR has been won already. Let's study together the anatomy of a fighter.


This is a tribute post to my kid brother as he joined the saints triumphant!!! Peace out Biggie Dodo!!