Tales From A Grateful Heart 2

Previously on TFAGH…..

In the previous episode (click link above), we introduced our main character “Float” & gave a bit of a background about him.

Nuggets from Episode #1

Just like the script about Float, do you know that God has a script for your life too?

In the introduction, it was clear that Float had a very rough, difficult & challenging background, however the final picture painted shows that he went through a lot but overcame ALL to become the best in his career, family, et al.

The point is this, it doesn’t matter how bad your background is right now or how rough, difficult or challenging your life is right now, trust God that he’s got a plan to work things out for you & bring you to your best life yet. God is no respecter of person (Rom 2:11 KJV), another translation says, “God doesn’t see faces” i.e. He basically schedules events with a list of criteria, ANYONE who meets those criteria will get to experience the events. He is a principled God who sticks with laid down rules & laws.

So be encouraged as we progress with this story that God has got your back, don’t allow your background to put your back on the ground… Keep looking upward & forward and it’s just a matter of time you will come through victorious.


Float was born on the 16th of February 1979, it was Friday & his father got into town just-in-time for the delivery (else his name would have been Abidemi – Meaning “Was given birth to while I was away”).

True to the Yoruba tradition, he was christened on the 8th day & his father gave him firstly the Yoruba name Adisa (meaning “One who makes his meaning clear”) & then the Christian name Emmanuel (meaning “God with us”), He became the second child to Kola & Titi Ekiri’s family as they had almost lost hope of having another child since the 1st child Folashade was about 10 years old already.

The extended Ekiri family had been on Titi’s case because only Folashade (a female child) had been born & the marriage was close to 11 years already. They wanted a male child to carry on the Ekiri family name & legacy, they went as far as pushing Kola ( Float’s father) to step out of the marriage to give them a son.

This Kola fought against vehemently & defended as well as shielded his wife all through that ordeal.

Folashade was born on Tuesday 1st September 1970, under the sign Virgo & at the time, Richard Nixon ( Republican) was the US president. Again, true to tradition she was given the Yoruba name Abeke (meaning “We begged for her to caress her”) & then the Christian name Mary.

Float had the best of family life being the only son & last born, he got special treatments from his parents, sister, uncles & aunties, he felt special indeed.

One of the key things that was special to Float was the Saturday hiking he did with his father from the age of 2. It started with his father carrying him across his shoulders as they walked up the steep steps of the hills which leads to the ancient city taking all 660 steps & then some to get to the summit.

It was magical for Float & even though it wasn’t consistent since Kola had to work on weekends sometimes, he still cherished the moment.

Folasade also had these moments with her father Kola (starting from when she was 2 years old too), however that bond & attention started to dwindle from when Float was born & totally stopped on Float’s 2nd birthday.

She was already about 12 years old & her focus was now on boys, her body & school.

Folashade was nicked named Flash, this came about because growing up, her little brother couldn’t pronounce her name FOLASHADE very well, instead he will say FLASHADE, omitting the ‘O’ & overtime it just stuck as FLASH

She eventually got around loving the nickname & it would play a big role in her life as things evolved for her.

The tale continues in the next post……..

What do you think about Float’s family?

What do you want to know about him or Flash?

This is a tale from a grateful heart…….. I AM SHALOMESQ!!!!


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  1. I’ll like to know if flash’s life was affected negatively because her father’s attention was a-bit withdrawn from her after float turned 2

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