Hello All, In as much as I dont want to sound disrespectful, I need to clearly dispel some of these recent notions about 5G & COVID-19.

I have been a trained telecoms engineer for over 20 years & data communications has been my area of specialty all the way from 2G to the current 4G.

I think as a church we are always the last to get it ( technology), I still remember the days that the TV was called the devil’s box & some churches banned it, however they are recently taking a 180 degree turn to now embrace it for the use of God’s kingdom. We did the same with using musical instruments in churches or the use of lights & sound equipment, but now there is a big rush for it.

Internet was not used as a tool by churches to spread the Gospel & everyone was insisting on a brick & mortal (building) church, now with the stay at home order, some churches will not recover after this simply because we had a wrong perspective about technology & see the devil in everything.

Now please note that technology is amoral, it can be used for both good & evil.

There is so much good to come from technological advancements & the evil tendencies can be highlighted & prevented to a large extent.

Are there agendas for New World Order? The answer is YES, however going back to the spiritual side of things, please try to go read the book of revelation again & if you draw out the timelines you will know that somethings are meant to happen even before the rapture occurs, the emergence of the Anti-Christ & the 666 sign comes.

As a believer who is also a Techie those timelines & events are still far from happening.

Instead of calling Wolf! Wolf!! and saying evil about everything, can we for a change take a correct perspective of this & see how we can advance the kingdom of God using technology so we can speed up the coming of our Lord & savior?

I can tell you that there is no correlation between 5G & COVID-19, they are 2 different thing.

Just to shock you, IoT has been existing ( in a form) since 2G where we were using data networks to connect ATMs & PoS terminals to servers sitting in data centers across the world.

They were called M2M ( Machine to Machine) communication, however the speed of the communication was slow & various evolution techniques on the access network ( using RF Radio Frequencies) were deployed to move networks from 2G to 2.5 (EDGE) to 3G (UMTS) to 3.5G (HSDPA) to 4G (LTE) & now to 5G…. do you know 6G white paper is already being worked on?

The generational evolution of telecoms happens like every 10 years or so starting with 2G in the 80s/90s……

Back to IoT, one of the use cases for IoT is within the health sector & there is already deployments as far back as 2G in which devices (like pacemakers & monitors) were inserted in people to help them stay alive & monitor their systems & organs, however with 3G, 4G, 5G & 6G the possibilities of advancements in health becomes better with faster speeds & closer monitoring so as to improve life.

As for the other leg of using vaccine & pandemic, etc. I am not a doctor or health specialist so I dont know about that however I can still contribute based on facts as I judge with the little science background I have.

I know this might sound like rumblings, however I do hope this helps clarify things, if not I apologize for wasting your precious time.

This is my response snippet…….. I AM SHALOMESQ!!!!



    1. Too many fallacies out there & its also sad that these falsehood are being peddled by people who should know better & ensure that only wholesome truth is pushed out from their platforms

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  1. Thank you sir for the clarity. I’m convinced that with time, more truths will come out to the open and more whole will understand. I guess the microchip being inserted into people (a place like Sweden) or to be inserted complicated the whole thing

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