TFAGH Episode 1


Introducing Dr. Folorunsho Adisa Toluwani Ekiri!!

Dr. Ekiri is a citizen of the world, but he hails from Ondo State South-western Nigeria a few miles away from the foot of the famous Idanre Hill, (or Oke Idanre as its popularly called) which is in Idanre town.

He was born to the family of Late Mr. Isaiah Kolawole Ekiri & Mrs. Titilayo Eunice Ekiri both devoted Christians & an elder sister Folashade Abeke Temitope Ekiri (Now Mrs. Gbolagade).

He is a Medical Doctor of some repute with specialty in neurology & as a neurosurgeon after being inspired by Dr. Ben Carson’s story of separating those co-joined twins at the head in 1987, He is currently the Neurologist-in-Chief at the Nigerian Neurological Institute Abuja.

He is married to an Edo beauty queen, Engineer (Mrs.) Omozuwa Esther Osagie-Ekiri & they are blessed with 5 kids (3 boys & twin girls).

Everything might look great right now for Float (his nickname way back in school), but he has a very humble, challenging & disturbing past.

As the last born & only son of the Isaiah Ekiri family, Folorunsho (a 10-year-old kid at the time) didn’t get to fully know his father as he died in the Nigerian Military support efforts during Liberia’s 1st civil war in 1989 as a fighter pilot in the Nigerian Air Force.

He is not a stranger to failure as the tapestry of his life is woven in rose & thorn stories from early childhood to date. He considered his misfortune when he lost his father at that early age as he was looking to becoming a military man like him.

However his mom took up the job of becoming a single parent while successfully raising him & his sister up despite all of the financial, social & physical challenges they encountered chief among them was the way & manner the Ekiri family (not the best set of uncles & aunties) disowned them after their Brother (Float’s father) died.

For the few years Float had with his dad when he was off duty, Saturday mornings were quite exciting as he & his dad will run up the Idanre Hill as early as 4:30am to catch the glimpse of day break at the very top not far away from the ancient city & ancestor’s shrine (which was totally forbidden for kids).

Little did he know that this routine with his dad will shape the course of his life in the future as he became a fantastic track athlete.

The name “Float” was given to him by his 1st P.E. coach (Mr. Aliu Jimoh) who spoke in Yoruba after his 1st trial for Yellow (Irefin) House in Secondary School saying “Folorunsho fele o’n fo lori afefe” loosely translated as “Folorunsho is light (as a feather) & floats on air” when he runs.

The tale continues in the next post……..

What do you think about Float?

What do you want to know about him?

This is a tale from a grateful heart…….. I AM SHALOMESQ!!!!


6 thoughts on “TFAGH Episode 1

  1. What are the challenges his mum faced while raising him and his sister as a single parent and how did she overcome them?


  2. Nice start. Please continue to dig into the past of Float and let’s see how it translates to gratefulness.


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