The Anatomy of a Fighter II

Hello Family, it’s been 2 minutes (actually 2 months) since my last post. My 2020 started with a bang as I have been running 3 online FB classes on:

  • Raising Gen Z Leaders: This group was been created out of the need to provide a community for parents who are raising kids who fall within the Gen Z. Gen Z kids are those born between 1995 to 2019. We are only available on Facebook & you are free to join us
  • SHMILY: See How Much I Love You (SHMILY) is a group that has been created to focus on the matters of the heart (Love, Relationships, Marriage, Guys, Girls & God, etc.) Sub Groups for Singles, Dating, Engaged & Married Couples will be created & bespoke content created for each subgroup. The aim is to raise a banner of God-ordained relationships to foster Heaven on Earth for group members. Season 1 is currently full & running, once completely we will start Season 2 in earnest & you will be notified to register, if interested.

Writing all the lesson notes for each group has not been easy as I had to put my thoughts down & structure things properly, however it’s been one of the best use of my time & resources as I look to bless people all around me.

The Anatomy of a Fighter

My last post ( link above) focused on my deep dive into the world of combative sports ( boxing, wrestling, & mixed martial arts) as a means of therapy as well as a reminder to me as a Christian in this world that we are here in a battle with the enemy on a daily basis despite the fact that Christ has won the war already.

Our daily fight is to re-enforce over & again that victory that we’ve got.

Anatomy of a Fighter is a weekly documentary web series about the world of Mixed Martial Arts combat sports, which features some of the worlds best MMA fighters, boxers, coaches, trainers and gyms as produced by Will Harris.

Recently the world of boxing came to limelight with the huge fight between Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder with Fury “The Gypsy King” winning the re-match.

The Telegraph in the UK wrote this a couple of days ago “The world knew that Tyson Fury was special, but the performance to brutally dominate Deontay Wilder with a blend of boxing nous combined with power and poise raises the 31-year-old pugilist of the traveller race to the level of extraordinary. The ‘Gypsy King’ compelled the dangerous knockout artist Wilder to a forlorn figure, beaten up, bleeding from the ear, bullied to the level that the Alabaman’s corner threw in the towel in the seventh round after an unabated beating.

It was offensively brilliant, and defensively savvy. It was so one-sided, it is doubtful whether Wilder will activate the trilogy rematch clause. It is hard to see how Wilder ever beats Fury.

Worth recalling, too, that Fury was seemingly a clear winner in the first fight 14 months ago. Fury claimed the World Boxing Council belt – the only belt he had not won from Wladimir Klitschko when he became the world No 1 five years ago – to complete the clean sweep.

Fight Size

During the Christmas & new year holidays, i binged-watched again the entire ROCKY movies (all 6 of them) & learnt a great deal for this series.

One thing i learnt about a fight the fact that what counts the most is the size of a fight in a man & not the size of a man in a fight.

Externals doesn’t really count in a fight, the main thing that REALLY counts is the mental & inner strength of that fighter. I like the way my mentor says it ” He says the Engine on your inside is of a very heavy capacity”

1 John 4:4 New Living Translation (NLT):

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.

I will attempt to dissect this more in my next post on this series. But know these facts:

  1. You belong to God ( as the General of the Army)
  2. You are His child
  3. You are fighting from an already victorious standpoint
  4. What you carry on the inside is greater ( in all ramification) than what is out there in the world ( Cosmos) fighting you.

Are you aware of these 4 facts?

Are you tapping into the powers of the greater one in you?

This is my Fighter Snippet …….. I AM SHALOMESQ


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