Hello Family!! I’ve had to break protocol as this is a very significant time of the year & decade as we stand at the threshold of a brand new year & decade.

How are we all doing as per our goals & aspirations for 2019? How did it eventually pan out? Did you make almost all of your set goals?

If YES, a big congratulations to you for doing that, now the challenge is to up the ante for the next year. Now that you have a working template, do well to focus on growth & improvement going forward.

If NO, dont be discouraged, settle down & conduct a review of the year, highlight the things that you didn’t get right, seek help from those who have done it successfully & start again in the new year. One thing I’ve learn from my mentor is this “I dont loose, sometimes I WIN, sometimes I LEARN“.

Take this as a lesson period, learn from it & go again. I have great news for you in 2020 if you fall in this category. More information at the end of this post.

As per my tradition I actually shutdown for 2019 since after the 1st week in December & I’ve been engaging in the review of the year 2019 as well as the entire decade since 2010 & also designing & projecting into 2020 & the next decade.

A lot of great things happened in this decade & it’s amazing how the things that are mainstream & used everyday now didn’t exist a decade ago.

From technology, to fashion, to music, etc, everything got transformed significantly in about 10 years.

In my life, I vividly remember where I was Jan 2010 & the things I was doing then, so I took up a #10yearchallenge, borrowed the wings of imagination & delved into reminiscence looking at the last 10 years & all I could do was cry as I saw the goodness of God all across my life. I am indeed grateful!!!


I used the graphic above to review this year & the last decade while highlighting the significant things that happened to me along the way. I keep a journal/record of my life over the years so it was easy for me to do this. I encourage you to do the same & take some time off to be ready for 2020 & beyond.

Every year I usually have a watchword & picture that guides me through the year & this year the word was SHIFT (picture below) & I can tell you that I experienced a significant shift in my life, mentality, relationships, family, finances,career, assignment, etc.

For 2020, my watchword is MANIFEST ( see picture below) & we are going GLOBAL!!!

You have to deal with yesterday to best discover tomorrow

One of the key results of a review is the information you get about the things you did right, what you did wrong, areas to adjust to guarantee improvement & what help you would need. You can only improve what you can measure.

Inspection is the foundation for expectation

As you take time to inspect & review, bigger expectations are triggered because now you have insight to what you need to have better results. Change is a constant thing in life, however change for the better & best is what we all seek.

Since I’ve done this review at the beginning of the month, I’m mentally in 2020. I’ve already got the details of projects to do & I have started taking action to make them a reality.

Like my pastor would say, “You can never recover from a great start, while others are still trying to figure out 2020 & the next decade I’m off already.

To review my posts for goal setting & how to successfully achieve them, do check my 3-part series below:




You can adopt the same strategies & just change 2019 to 2020.

Now for those that struggled with setting or achieving their goals in 2019, there is a great chance for you to do better in 2020 & beyond.

I have created an online group specifically for achieving our goals in 2020, this group will form a community of individuals who will be working together next year to help set, track & achieve your desired goals based on common areas.

There will be subgroups for health & fitness, careers, finances, relationships etc so that the right support is provided all through the year.

If you are interested in this please click on the link below & we will get started as we get the team together. I will be reaching out to some friends & associates to help facilitate the group all through the year so let’s get thing rolling.


2020 & the next decade will be fantastic!! I can feel it already.

I will be on a retreat as my usual practice for the 1st 2 weeks of Jan 2020, so my 1st post for the new year & decade will be on the 17th of Jan 2020 as I celebrate the 5th year anniversary of this blog ( The first post was published on the 8th of January 2015)

Have you done a review of 2019 & the last decade?

Are you ready to go into 2020 & next decade?

Do you need help to set & achieve your 2020 goals?

Indeed there was a year & a decade!!!!

This is my signing-off post for the year & decade…….. I AM SHALOMESQ


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