Hello Soldier!! This is your captain speaking!!

So sorry I’ve not check on you in a while.

I got to know at 0400 hours 20th day of September 2019 that our General gave you another mission.

This mission (I hear) is to join the cloud of witnesses in the heavenly battalion.

Apostle Paul says To live is Christ, do die is gain!!

Heaven truly gained an angel, a worthy ambassador & a very strong soldier.

We deeply feel a sense of loss (& we should as humans), however we don’t sorrow like other people would.

We are allowed to sorrow however with hope that:

(1) You are resting now.

OLUWATOBILOBA, I know how strong you were! You kept fighting with a smile on your face.

The Matriarch of the house (Pastor Sarah Johnson) told us that at some point during the struggle you saw the other side & chose GLORY.

God will not violate a man’s will no matter how much or how hard we prayed.

So we submit to God’s will & celebrate your life, your love & your legacy.

(2) We will see you again!!

Be advised OLALEKAN that now that you are up there, we will do everything in our power by the mercies of God to make heaven so as to see you again!

Pastor Olubi Johnson told us that the summary of this event is that we must get closer to God. And I challenge everyone here to do the same.

Get the latest weapons from our General’s arsenal & let’s wage war to the very end.

To the medical personnel out there, (here is your challenge) let’s find a permanent solution to Sickle Cell Anemia (the disease that plagues the African Genome) so that our young and bright sons & daughters can live a long & fulfilling life ( at least we’ve put a man on the moon & probed the surface of Mars already while attempting to breach the sun), I am ready to fight this too, just give me a call & i’ll be there.

This family has gone through a lot over the years & we overcame every wave & obstacle every single time.

This will not be an exception!!!!

KEHINDE has been sown as a seed now (Say Hi to TAIWO for me), however the impact of this will shake the world for God & the devil will regret this & say “Had I known”.

Hey Devil you can throw us your best shot at us & like the 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, WE WILL STILL NOT BOW as our God is able…..

BIGGIE!! We will all miss you ( especially your lovely wife & children), however in all things we give thanks despite the situation as God still gave us the space & chance to be thankful.

We will try to breach the gap to the best of our ability & make sure you are super proud of them.

To our friends & family ( both physical & spiritual), we thank you so much for your show of love & support in this trying time.

Your presence here today is a sure sign of how deeply this son of the LALA clan has touched your lives & we are grateful.

I pray we will not gather like this again & the next invite from us will be much more celebratory than this.

Hello Soldier, this is your captain speaking…. I know where you are now……

Peace out Kid Brother.

Oluseyi Olaolu LALA

I will like to use this medium to thank everyone who stood by The LALA family during this very challenging time, God will reward you abundantly.

There are so many people to start to mention individually, however the God we service will customize your rewards in surprising packages much more than you would have asked or imagined.

I will be away for a while to properly mourn my brother, please allow me go…..

Also do note that you will ONLY be able to receive posts from this blog if you subscribe & follow SHALOMESQSNIPPET.

All other social media broadcasts & outlets will be gradually discontinued starting from today.

A tribute website has been opened in honor of Biggie!!

If he touched your life one way or another please feel free to visit & drop a tribute by clicking the link below. You will have to register first.


My brother was intentional is everything he did & throughout the struggle & the pain, he feel in love with this song by Bethel Music called RAISE A HALLELUJAH!!

Do click the link below to sing it along with me………



This is my mourning snippet …….. I AM SHALOMESQ


6 thoughts on “HELLO SOLDIER

  1. it’s so sad to hear about your loss. I join others in RAISING A HALLELUJAH. Shalom means peace. God will give you His Peace and LOVE at this time.


  2. Fantastic my brother! I just like the Captain-General-Soldier tie. I’m sure your soldier is speaking well of you to the General! Grace greater, Peace deeper, Love mightier!


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