Hello Family, it’s the penultimate Friday in September 2019!!! The year is really running away & before you know it the year 2020 is here. I do hope you are ticking off your 2019 set goals.

If YES, Kudos to you. If NO, all is not lost yet, we still have about 15 weeks left in 2019 to score some points & end the year on a high.

We would like to sincerely appreciate everyone who has joined this train (SHALOMESQSNIPPET), who reads our posts, follows this blog, makes comments & share these posts with others. You, all are the reason we are still here.

Just a bit of house cleaning as we gradually look forward to celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary.

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In continuation of the series, please note that Leke Alder gave this lecture or speech at the Men’s Conference of The Covenant Christian Center, The Covenant Place Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday, June 29, 2019.

Once again, allow me to introduce to some & present to others, Leke Alder:

In Genesis we’re told the man God created stood in representative capacity. He represented both male and female. “So God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:26-28. The man stood in a representative capacity for a wife he did not yet have. Eve had not been created. There’s thus something called premarital responsibility in manhood.

If the man in Genesis stood in the place of responsibility as a bachelor it follows marriage is not what makes you responsible, marriage only creates a field for the exercise of responsibility. You must already be responsible before marriage. A man is responsible.

Marriage is for men, not for boys.

A fine boy on campus is different from a fine boy outside campus. One is defined by genetics, the other by economic strength.

Following up on the concept of responsibility, a marriage must have an economic model. Boys don’t think of this of course. They only think about sex and romance. But romance can’t survive lack of income.

There is no ROMANCE without FINANCE

If you don’t have an income don’t go into marriage. You will lose respect as a man. If she tells you she’ll sleep on the floor with you be very aware that promise has an expiry date.

Rent your own accommodation.

Don’t take your bride to your parents’ house. Women are geographically proprietary. A woman wants her space. She needs her own space. The difficulties generated from subjecting your wife to another local government authority can create a permanent fissure in your marriage.

A man must have his own home

But a sense of responsibility also demands you control your libido. Which is why you should not expose yourself to stimulants like porn materials. Porn is sexual coffee and it’s not decaffeinated.

You can’t be on a porn diet. It’s not healthy.

You risk impotence, and you’re going to set yourself up. You will be in love with the idea of the woman you want to sleep with, it won’t matter who is in front of you.You’re in a mode. And that’s how you end up marrying a simulation and not the woman in front of you.

Whether before or after marriage you need discipline as a man.

The more successful you are the more discipline you need. When you’re rich enough to finance sin you become your own temptation. You have to control your power.

Never forget that Pirelli Tyre advert: Power is nothing without control

Sorry Ladies, this is all about MEN today. We will catch up on other series that speaks to Leadership, Marriage & the Growth Mindset in the comping days.

Do allow me camp here for now & we will look at the fourth and last dimension of man.

The fourth dimension of man is GOVERNMENT

Are you a TOTAL MAN?

Are you functioning in the various dimensions of MANHOOD?

Are you a man of Vision ( are you Visionary)?

Are you a man with a high level of reasoning capacity?

Are you a responsible man?


We appreciate your consistent support as always

This is Leke Alder’s 3rd snippet …….. I AM SHALOMESQ


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