It’s Good Friday today, a chance to celebrate Easter once again!! Hope it’s been a good day for you? For me I’ve taken the day very slowly as I’ve taken the holiday to catch up on some pending work, sieved through my social media profiles (Facebook in particular) to remove some folks off my list & to finally write this post.

This topic has been on my mind the whole week & it’s also a continuation of our main series on “Cultivating a Growth Mindset“. You can catch up on all the previous posts using the respective links below & I do hope I’ve been able to inspire & not bore you to death on this one.

This is fixing to becoming one of the longest series have ran in over 4 years.

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Today, I’ll be talking about FAILURE, there has been a lot of publications & media hype around success stories of men & women all around the world across various fields of endeavor , but few really talk about their failures. I once said It’s a better investment for me to spend my money attending a series of courses on failure than success seminars.

There are a lot of things to learn from failure & this is one of the key areas of a growth mindset – The ability to take advantage & glean nuggets from failure. A few quotes below from my mentors John C. Maxwell & Rev Sam Adeyemi further drives home this point. John has an excellent book I will recommend about this topic titled “Failing Forward”

“Without failure there is no achievement.” -John C. Maxwell

“Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success” – Rev Sam Adeyemi

“Failing forward” is the ability to get back up after you’ve been knocked down, learn from your mistake, and move forward in a better direction.” – John C. Maxwell

Part of any kind of growth is about pushing past barriers and entering uncharted territory. The same applies to developing a growth mindset. You’re entering the unknown. Whenever you take on something new there will be a period of trial and error as you put new knowledge and skills into practice.

A side effect of this is the challenges you may face and the possibility that you may make mistakes, and you feel like you failed.

The good news is you can turn mistakes, failures, obstacles and challenges into your advantage.

It’s all about changing your perspective to see things as part of the process of developing a growth mindset. Of course, learning new information, broadening your knowledge, and developing your skills can create huge rewards.

And this process can at times be entirely smooth sailing. Or there may be a few bumps in the road. The key is to prepare yourself for potential challenges, and accept that you may fail as you start to put new ideas and skills into practice.

You also need to understand making decisions that don’t always pay off are just a normal part of the process. In fact, rather than just accepting mistakes may occur, if you can learn to celebrate failure you’ll create a way of thinking that helps you to thrive.

This means you give yourself the psychological tools to cope with obstacles and learn to turn challenging situations into opportunities to grow.

Learning how to create a continuous development outlook will help you to hone your growth mindset. The idea is to create a process whereby you expand your knowledge, broaden your skills, test new approaches, review progress, and make tweaks to enhance your performance in the future.

One of the biggest stories in the sporting world last week was Tiger Woods winning his 5th Masters title at Augusta making it his 15th major trophy, 24 years after winning it the first time as a teenage Stanford student in 1995.

There is so much to unpack about Tiger’s redemption after falling out of grace with a lot of personal, marital, mental and physical roller-coaster & failures to endure. I will try to do that in the next post.

He won his last Major title in 2008 & no one ever thought there will be an 11 year wait before his next title.

Is life knocking you down? Have you failed before?

What is your attitude to failure? Do you accept it or do you see it an an opportunity to grow?

This is my snippet …….. I AM SHALOMESQ


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