TGIF family!! It’s the 2nd Friday in April 2019 & welcome to another fun time as we continue on the sub-topic the TALENT TRAP which is part of our larger discuss on cultivating a growth mindset.


In my last post (check link above) I mentioned that I was going to drive home some points by comparing 2 football ( soccer) stars.

During the week, I stopped by at a gas station & decided to pickup a snack & a drink at the store, while at the counter I took a look at the book stand & right there was a book by John C Maxwell titled “Talent is never enough“,I chuckled & looked up to the big man upstairs & said “seriously”.

It was obvious what providence wanted me to talk about & I swiftly bought the book.

So you have talent, now what? Have you considered that there are a lot of talented & gifted people out there, some reach their full potential, while others self-destruct or remain trapped in mediocrity.

What makes the difference? In this book, John clearly states that the choices you make, your belief system, your mindset actually helps to lift your talent & propel you to greatness.

It’s what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference.

I have decided to compare these two football forwards :

Mario Balotelli

Christiano Ronaldo

I am a huge fan of football ( soccer) & I love watching & playing it even though I’m not that good, but for the lovers of the game these 2 players no doubt have an abundance of talent.

A brief look at Mario’s profile (age 28) & one thing jumps out at you aside the immense talent he has & that is the fact that his career has been dotted with disciplinary problems, bust up with coaches, managers, colleagues, fans etc.

There was a time he was suspended by his manager for not putting in enough effort in training as a young kid when compared with older men.

He is considered a genuine BAD BOY, I remember a time when he was playing in England & he had a party at his mansion with fireworks & burnt the building down. He also wrecked a brand new Lamborghini at some point as well.

His 2016 salary is 3.7m EUR.

In contrast, Christiano ( age 34) is considered as one of the greatest of all time, if not the greatest.

He is a performer & a great leader who has proven himself over & over again in the biggest clubs of the footballing world winning awards & almost always at the peak of performance giving his ALL (100% & more) to his team & country.

He has a signature free-kick & I’ve read about how many times he practices this kick, hours & hours after the main practice of the team is over.

He has not been involved in any major scandals or problems & ESPN termed him as the world’s famous athlete 2016, 2017, 2018, the most marketable athlete in the world & even though he is 34, Juventus still paid a transfer fee worth an initial €100 million; the highest ever paid by an Italian club and the highest fee ever paid for a player over 30 years old.

His 2018 salary is 30m EUR

Olympian and author Matthew Syed describes what latest neuroscience and psychology research tells us about achieving success in the book Bounce.

Not surprisingly, a certain amount of natural talent can help the process of achieving goals. But perhaps surprisingly, the main ingredient for success is actually practice plus talent.

Talent alone really isn’t enough if you want to achieve significant goals.

Relying on existing skills and abilities to achieve results won’t motivate you to learn more, develop your talents and skills, and reach your potential. This is why using talent alone is a trap.

You’re tricked into thinking you have all you need to progress. But you’re missing the hugely important factors of practice, persistence, and focus.

Creating a growth mindset doesn’t eliminate the talent factor. It just helps you to understand that to continually achieve more and reach your potential, you need to focus on learning and continuous improvement.

It’s also interesting to consider the research around talent & achievements. You’re far more likely to reach challenging goals & targets with average talent supported by dedicated practice & focus rather than relying on exceptional talent with no commitment to practicing skills to enhance your abilities.

Think about your mindset when it comes to reaching your potential in area that’s important to you.

Firstly, consider your talent levels. Would you say you’re particularly talented in this area or would you say you’re of average talent?

Secondly, how would you describe your commitment to enhancing your talent? High, medium, or low?

Finally, what could you do to enhance your skills? Do you need to focus on harnessing your natural talent more so? Or would you benefit from improving your focus and dedication to practicing skills that will enhance your talent?

What does this tell you about your growth mindset? Are you relying on talent alone and not enough practice? Or do you feel that you have a growth mindset and you’re committed to developing your skills and constantly learning more?

Don’t forget, an average talent, ability, or skill level isn’t a hindrance when it comes to developing yourself.

Creating a growth mindset helps you to understand no matter what your talent level is right now, you can work to learn and achieve more.

This is my snippet …….. I AM SHALOMESQ


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