goals vs growth
goals vs growth

In the last 3 posts my focus has been on “setting goals that’ll stick in 2019” & we looked at 5 proven strategies to overcoming goal failure based on a Michael Hyatt webinar I attended late last year on the same topic.

To help catch up, the picture below summaries the 5 points in a lovely way.

5 strategies to overcoming goal failure

Today, this post is focused on pitching 2 ideas against each other. The first is the concept of goal setting & the other that of growth. Goal setting is very important but it will amount to nothing if actions are not taken to achieve them.

“Dreams may be imaginable but goals are actionable.” –Michael Hyatt

That process of taking actions in line with your goals helps to bring your dreams to a reality.

One of the key strategies that helps to guarantee the successful achievement of your goals is Strategy # 3 : Be In The Discomfort Zone

There is no point setting goals every year & making up resolutions if it doesn’t move you further along the path towards your ultimate destiny.

Every success you want to achieve in life is actually outside your comfort zone, nothing great happens in your comfort zone.

While talking on this point in my previous post, I gave an example of someone who is currently saving $50 a month.

If that person keeps setting this same goal every year, then there is no growth as that person is sitting in the comfort zone with no stretch.

The moment the person decides to set a new goal of $75 a month, then the wheels starts to turn as the focus will now be on how to achieve this new target.

That person is now forced to think differently, have a second or third look at how to get the extra $25 a month savings.


According to the Oxford dictionary, GROWTH is simply defined as “The process of increasing in size”.

We see this happen around us in nature all of the time as we grow physically in our bodies & as plants, trees & animals grow in our environment.

The sad reality is that majority of us don’t grow in specific domain areas of lives, we generally leave it to chance & just tag along to see where we end up.

In August 2017, I took an online course with the John Maxwell Team on the 15 Laws of Growth & one of the first thing John said is that growth is intentional, you cant leave it to chance.

You have to be deliberate about it.

At some point I will share my thoughts & lessons learnt from that course, but now the focus is about goals vs growth.

Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better” – John C. Maxwell

Naturally things don’t get better, because of entropy (lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder).

If you buy a brand new car today straight out of the factory, it’s at the best pristine state. The moment you start the engine, rev & drive it out, it begins to depreciate in value.

Take an apple, cut it into two & leave it for a while, it begins to change color & loose its freshness. So growing, advancing & making progress in life requires a force (spiritual) coupled with intentionality.

Just like traveling to space requires a force greater than the earth’s gravitational pull, getting to your ultimate destination ( destiny) in life requires a force.

Part 2

In part 2 of the series on goal settings above , I mentioned the 3 negative emotions that confronts us as we aim to set goals in the discomfort zone. These 3 emotions are actually indicators that you are on the right path & you just need to refocus your mind to overcome them & still take the right steps towards achieving your goals.

All of the 5 strategies of goal setting are important & relevant as long as the focus is growth. There is no point in going through all of the motions & activities if the end zone is not progression.

Personal growth keeps you prepared, constant growth is the preparation for opportunity. You don’t go into an opportunity, you grow into an opportunity. Everything in life that you’re ever going to want is based on your ability to grow & develop yourself.

The fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge…Everything is uphill that’s worthwhile.

Are you just focused on setting goals?

Are your goals moving you forward?

Is growth the ultimate aim of your goal setting?

This is my snippet…….. I AM SHALOMESQ


3 thoughts on “GOALS VS GROWTH

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. You mentioned 3 emotions that indicate that you are on the right path. What are they? Sorry, I didn’t see part 2 of your series.
    Thank you.

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