Welcome to the month of February 2019!!!

The year is running away so fast & I do hope that you are on-track regarding your plans, goals & aspirations for the new year.

My previous post “Setting goals that’ll stick in 2019 Part 1” was a summary of what I learnt from a webinar with the same title organised by one of my coaches Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt)

He indicated that there are 5 proven strategies to overcome goal failure & we took the time to review two of them.

Some action points were highlighted to help us in line with those strategies:

Action Point #1

Write 7-10 specific goals you want to achieve in 2019 with reference to the 10 domains. Just have like 1 goal per domain ( if possible)

Action Point #2

Get 2-3 critical goals that you’ll be lazer-focused on every quarter ( 90 days)

I hope you’ve taken these actions & now ready for the next ones.

Today, we’ll continue with one more strategy.

Strategy #3

Aim for your discomfort zone!!

Now this will sound strange, but it’s true. Every success you want to achieve in life is actually outside your comfort zone, nothing great happens in your comfort zone.

I like the way John C. Maxwell say’s it. He say’s “Everything that is worthy while is uphill“.  The things that you really want & you really care about are going to take more effort to achieve. To experience something different, you must do something different.

Take for example the goal of a weight loss ( you must have a target weight, a vision of what you will look like in that dress & a timeline for it) you cant just dream about it, you have to put in the work by eating right, going to the gym & doing all the exercises as prescribed by your coach or instructor.

If your dreams are inside your comfort zone, they’re not really dreams.” —Michael Hyatt

There are 3 zones in goal settings:

  • The Comfort Zone
  • The Discomfort Zone
  • The Delusional Zone

The comfort zone is not really challenging as you are not going to stretch yourself. If you’ve been able to save $50 a month regularly for a while now, you are already set in that way & it’s not really a challenge anymore.

But if you set a goal to save $75 starting from this month, then you get the wheels turning & your mind begins to look at how to get this done now that is a stretch.

The discomfort zone is where you really want to be in setting your goals, as it guarantees you a stretch which is an  assurance of growth.

It looks counter-intuitive but the discomfort zone is where you really want to be.

The delusional zone is an unrealistic zone in which the goal you are setting is really out of the park. Imagine an athlete preparing for  a 100m race & clocking 30s in practice, It will be delusional to set a goal of 9.58s ( Usain Bolt’s word record) by next quarter.

The most practical way will be to first set 25s, then 20s, then 15s, etc & it might take more than a year to achieve this.

While in the discomfort zone, 3 sets of negative emotions will come against you.

Emotion #1 : FEAR

This is very natural as you begin to think “I’m afraid I might fail?“. The fear of failure is one of the most intimidating emotions as your mind begins to race all over the place.

What i have learnt about the fear of failure is that you need to have the right perspective about it. I will rather try & fail (and learn) than not try at all.

A common thread across most successful people is that they take bold & courageous steps. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to still take steps despite the presence of fear. I recommend John Maxwell’s book “Failing Forward” it’s a wonderful book on this topic.

Emotion #2 : UNCERTAINTY

Uncertainty is closely tied with fear, its actually fear of the unknown. The prevailing question here is “I’m not sure how to get there?“. There is a simple way to solve this, since the fear is about the unknown, take some time to know. Do research, acquire the right knowledge, talk to people who have done this successfully before.

Take them on as your coach & mentor so you are armed with the right amount of knowledge to answer most (if not all) of the uncertainty.

Emotion #3: DOUBT

Doubt is actually fears about your ability & resources. The question here is “I’m not sure I have the resources to do this?” I love the story of creation as narrated in Genesis & what amazes me is the fact that everything we see today was CALLED OUT!!

Light came out of darkness, the land came out of the waters, trees & animals out of land, fishes out of the sea, etc. So much resources coming out of what seemingly looked empty, lifeless, chaotic & without form. Believe me, you have so much in you than you’ve imagined.

2Cor4:7 says we have these treasures in earthen vessels, God has deposited so much in you that you are yet to discover.

You might need to take time & think back to somethings you’ve achieved in life that at the time looks impossible but you are here now.

If your goals, dreams & aspirations dont scare you then they are not from God, you need to go check it again!!

These 3 emotions are actually indicators that you are on the right path & you just need to refocus your mind to overcome them & still take the right steps toward achieving your goals.

Action Point #3

Make sure each of your goals are in the Discomfort Zone.

Are you willing to take up the challenge to push yourself out of the comfort zone?

Do you have the resolve to overcome fear, uncertainty & doubt?

Are your goals scary enough??

This is my snippet……. I AM SHALOMESQ!!


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