The Traffic Light of Life

traffic light

After my last post “It’s not over, It’s not finished” the word “TIMING” kept ringing in my heart throughout the week (considering what I went through especially last year).

It felt as if I had wasted time & things didn’t move as quickly as I had anticipated.

While browsing through Instagram, I check on the profile of someone I admire & closely follow (@Taopheek) & he was talking about a similar thing.

This is what he posted:

” Nothing Is Wrong With You!! You Are Only At The Traffic Light Of Life.

There are times in our lives when we feel stuck, when nothing seems to be working.

At this point, we feel dejected, rejected and even neglected. 

We forget very quickly everything that has worked, we forget our successes and focus on the temporary failure.

We focus on the success of others, and use them as standards to measure our lives.

Forgetting that life is just like a traffic light, some people get there at RED and are forced to wait till AMBER and GREEN. 

While some will get there at GREEN and won’t have to wait at all. Our timing is different!

The Traffic Light of Life is only a temporary stop that requires you to halt for a moment, to prevent you from crashing at a top speed.

So, next time you get stuck, just remember that you are only at a Traffic Light, take your time to REFLECT, RE-STRATEGIZE AND RELAUNCH.”

Just like there are traffic lights at major intersection within a metropolitan city to aid the smooth flow of traffic & reduce the risk of accidents, there are traffic lights in life at major crossroads doing similar things.

It’s important to know exactly where we are within the master-plan & what time we are in on the agenda of God for our lives individually.

This piece of information makes a lot of different when we are at crossroads.

Time can be a big difference between failure & success.

For example giving a car as a gift for a 6 year old to drive will definitely be a disaster while doing the same for a 19 year old most like will not.

A teenage girl getting pregnant will not be happy & will be a major concern to her parents, while a 27 year old married woman in the same situation will be super excited.

it’s all about TIMING!!

So if you are on the RED & it seems like everything is at a halt, take some time to find out WHY? Are there things you need to learn while waiting? Dont make it a passive waiting, make it active.

Check to be sure you are on the right path, in the right place & make preparations as it’s only a matter of time, the light will turn AMBER & then GREEN.

When the light is AMBER, it depicts caution. Sensitivity is required at this stage to know if the need is to slow down to a halt or slowly start to move & gain momentum.

When GREEN, it’s full speed ahead!! Gain the momentum & dont let anything stop you. But be aware that there will be many more traffic lights at various crossroad on your journey.

Somethings to note:

  1. We are ALL on a journey in Life. But our journey, path & destination are different. Everyone is going through something at one time or the other. The fact that people queue behind you at a traffic light doesn’t mean you all are going to the same place. Even identical twins have different paths & destinations in life. Enjoy the fact that you are unique.
  2. As our paths are different, so is our timing. Dont run your race with another man’s stopwatch. You might be stuck at a RED for a while, but someone else shows up at that crossroad & it turns GREEN in no time. Dont despair or compare yourself with another. That is foolish, it’s possible that person was stuck at another RED longer than you.
  3. Look out for people (Mentors & Coaches) who have successfully navigated various crossroads & learn from them. There are principles behind any & every kind of success worth emulating.

Where are you on the traffic light of life? Do you know?

This is my snippet…… I AM SHALOMESQ!!


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