Israel & New Breed – It’s Not Over

This song has been on repeat on my mind since the last quarter of 2018.

As my practice, I usually wrap up the year by November & start to assess my year as well as set new targets/goals for the new year.
The year 2018 was special in several ways & to a large extent I was able to achieve some of my set targets in a lot of areas, but I also failed miserable in others.
In fact, I got the worse overall completion rate since 2015 & the fact that I’ve taken about 8 months of absence on my blog is a direct consequence of that.
What happened you may ask?…….. Good question!!
Let me first say a happy new year to everyone & pray that the year 2019 will be better in all areas of our lives than all the previous years as we strive for GROWTH.
I was really on track from the start of 2018 with things running smoothly as planned, a lot of expectations & hopes all lined up & then some speed bumps came out of nowhere.
I was quickly surrounded by a lot of negativity, things didn’t work as planned, had a lot of betrayals & disappointments with a damaging dose of negative words from friends, family & colleague.
Initially it didn’t really bother me but as time passed I started to listen to those words & replay them in my mind.
By May 2018 I had allowed the floods into the ship & it began to sink quickly, I lost the glow & spark, it was clear that I had to salvage the situation quickly.
Two weeks into the month support came my way, I had an UPSURGE!!!  
It propelled me upward, as I celebrated a major milestone in my life the first week of June, I delved into reminiscence & introduced ME to myself all over again, adjusted my focus & just like David encouraged myself in the Lord knowing that the same God that has helped me get out of the storms of life on previous occasions is still alive, potent & committed to his promises.
As I battled through it, I reached out to mentors & in the process also became a mentor. I firmly believe that one comes out of any experience in life with useful nuggets that can help others.
The crux of the matter is this:
NEVER! EVER!!  listen to or focus on negative people or words, totally ignore them, treat them like water on a duck’s back.
“Whoever is on a quest to kill an elephant doesn’t listen to the barking of every dog on the way”
I know it’s tough to do, but in case you fall into the black-hole, please quickly cry for help & reach out so you don’t sink.
A special appreciation goes to those of you that constantly asked about the blog & when a new post was coming out.
Your enquiries helped to confirm that I was on the right track & adding value no matter how small. You helped to block all the holes, drain out all those negativity & steady the ship.
As the song says “It’s not over, it’s not finished, since God is in it!! All things are made new.
Let’s grow together in 2019!! My word for the year is SHIFT!!
This is my snippet…. I am SHALOMESQ!!!


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