What is in your hands?


Last weekend was very hectic for my family & I as we had about 4 events to attend across town, but we eventually settled to attend just 2 events ( The children’s inter-house sports competition at their school & a wedding ceremony in church + reception).

After the sports competition, we took our kids to a friend’s place who had volunteered to take them out to the cinema with her daughter for the day while we attended the wedding ceremony & reception.

As we got ready for the wedding, in between we stole a few minutes to catch up & our discussion drifted towards what we are doing in our respective spaces in helping the next generation to be better.

Then some questions were asked “What are we doing? Are we producers or consumers?”

It seems there is no sitting on the fence here, if you are not producing, then you are definitely consuming.

According to Oxfam International, the world’s top 1% earn 82% of wealth generated in 2017 & a quick look at those 1% shows that ALL of them are producers, these guys produced something that the rest of the world couldn’t do without from Fashion to Cars, to Tech to Telecoms, etc.

This got me thinking all through the day & then I remembered a portion of an Alvin Slaughter’s song that I love called That’s When, the part says “What’s that you have in your hand. I can use it, if you’re willing to lose it. Take the little you have and make it grand. I am El-Shaddai and I’ll more than supply your need…”

Greatness in You

November 2006, a company launched a TV ad with the catchphrase “There’s a drop of greatness in every man …” That company recorded huge success as the marketing campaign brought about phenomenal high sales simply because they resonated with the fact that there is greatness in everyone.

God has given each & everyone of us unique strengths, gifts & talents hidden in our very core & it’s our duty to dig deep, tap them out & show the world what we’ve got on the inside. There is that substance in everyone that could lead to the achievement of great things in life & we will do ourselves & the world a great favour by tapping into it & leaving our footprints in the sands of time.

“We come into the world looking like our parents, but we will leave this world looking like our choices” – Keion Henderson

What to do?

Take a little time & do a S.W.O.T analysis on yourself, ask yourself questions about your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats, find a peaceful & quiet place to think & plan, I like the way Bishop T.D. Jakes calls it, he says take time to stare.

Build your strategy from your stare!!!  Ask these questions :

  • What can I do with what I have?
  • What platforms are out there that can help my gifts & talents to shine?
  • Who can I collaborate with to help sharpen my giftings?

Take steps in the direction of your strengths, talents & giftings & you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

I know people who have turned their stories around just by using their strengths, talents & giftings. A sister who loves organising parties for her friends as a hobby has now launched out into events &  doing very well.

A brother  is rocking an entire industry just by the virtue of his nose. His ability to smell perfumes & to create bespoke scents for people has made him a millionaire & he is targeting a billion naira profit this year.

Another brother who loves to compere is using his talent & sometimes makes more than his monthly salary from the events he handles.

You need to wake up & make moves, this applies to me as well & I am trusting that 2018 will not end like all the previous years.

Dont worry about the past, or the things you’ve lost. Your miracle is not connected to what you’ve lost but what you have left.

Be like Moses, let God use that which is in your hands, the whole world is waiting on you to manifest in your unique way.

Remember, you don’t have to be GREAT to START, but you have to START to be GREAT.

What’s that in your hands?

This is my snippet!!! I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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