My 2018 Review


Wow!! I am short of words after considering all that I’ve gone through & achieved in 2018.

It was indeed an awesome year & I want to say a big THANK YOU to my partners & supporters who helped in one way or another to ensure that the ideas & dreams that was conceived became a reality & a huge success.

Time will fail me to begin to mention each & everyone of you individually but be rest assured that I am super grateful.

Let’s do this again next year! I can’t wait…. or maybe I can…….

For many years, I have always set goals for myself, family & all that concerns me & I spend the first couple of weeks of a new year on a retreat, then regularly gauge my progress till a mid-year review in July & wrap up the year around November where I assess the scores for the year & start to prepare for the next one.

My scores have progressively moved from 10% up to about 70% & I am working hard to get better scores this year.

Traditionally we all start the year with excitement & set new year resolutions et al & even as early as 42 days into the new year, some might have fallen off the wagon already but dont let that quench the fire within you, there are still 323 fantastic days left to make 2018 a great year.


If you are going to have a NEW YEAR, you are going to need a NEW STRATEGY!

You cant keep doing things the same old way & expect a different result. If you want to experience new things, then you will have to do things you’ve never done before. I will encourage you to spend time alone & just think about what you wanted to achieve in 2017 that you could not & find new ways of achieving them this year. It might require you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, but please be ready to explore, it could just be that you are not achieving them simply because you are not making moves.

Here are a few pointers:


In the “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey, the 2nd habit is “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND”. It means to know where you’re going so as to understand where you are now, and take your next step in the right direction. I did that with the first 90 words of this post, I have a vision of what 2018 will be & I’ve had to cast that vision ahead of time.

Your vision or dream is the picture of the future you want accomplished & it needs to be clear so you know where you are going, understand where you are now & have the courage to take the next step to move you in the right direction to accomplish that vision or goal. Habakkuk 2:2

It will really help if you have a board or a journal in which you write your vision or goals & have time to regularly check them.

There is something really amazing about putting pen to paper & jotting things down, it literally moves the resources of the world to ensure it happens.

We know about setting S.M.A.R.T goals, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely, but modern teachings about goal settings are now S.M.A.R.T.R with the inclusion of another R for either Reward or Review.


A vision without action is daydream!!

Writing your vision & dream is great, but it will amount to nothing if you dont take action.

You need to take steps in the direction of fulfilling your dreams, a journey of a thousand miles, begins with just one step.

Just like a ship looks great tied up at the shore, but it will never accomplish it’s purpose until it sails on the sea, so it is that a dream will look great on your board or in your journal, but will never become a reality until you work on it.

Make moves, take actions & see how the universe will start to align, you might feel that you are waiting on God, but God is actually waiting on you, dont let life happen to you, you happen to life.

Be bold & take courage! Joshua 1: 5-8

Courage is not an absence of fear, but the choice & willingness to do something despite the fear.

Regularly talking & thinking about your vision & dream are also major parts of taking action. Joshua 1:8 says this book of the law ( your vision & dreams) shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall mediate on it day & night.

From Hebrews 11:3, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the visible was created from the invisible. You can also create your own world, your vision & dream by speaking as  2 Corinthians 4:13 says “we have the same spirit of faith, we believe & therefore we speak”.


Team-work makes the dream work!!

As you take steps towards achieving your vision or dream, you will realise that you cant achieve it alone. If your vision or dream will take only you to accomplish, then it’s either too small or not from God. A vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team, check out history & you will find out that any successful vision or goal or dream of high significance & impact had a team behind it. Even at the beginning in Genesis 1:26, God said “Let us make man…”

Start to look for partners & supporters ( those who have strength in the arrears of your weakness) to help you achieve significant results.

Habit 6 of the “7 habits of highly effective people” is SYNERGY. Synergy is the highest activity of life. Through it, we create new, untapped alternatives – things that didn’t yet exist. We unleash people’s greatest powers. We make a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


The 7th habit is “SHARPEN THE SAW

In our current age, information is power! What you know or dont know can make or mar your vision, dream & goal, so stay sharp! Develop the ability of a learner, ask questions constantly, dont be tired of acquiring knowledge. Your mind is a weapon, keep it loaded at all times.

To sharpen the saw means renewing ourselves, in all four aspects of our natures:
• Physical – exercise, nutrition, stress management;
• Mental – reading, visualizing, planning, writing;
• Social/Emotional – service, empathy, synergy, security;
• Spiritual – spiritual reading, study, and meditation;

To accomplish these, you need to be very intentional & proactive, you have to set the right priorities to manage yourself well within time.

I’m committed to doing all of these in 2018 & I encourage & challenge you to do the same & let’s compare notes in November to see how the year turned out.

My intention is to unpack various sections of this strategy as I make significant progress.

What will your 2018 review look like?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ !!!


7 thoughts on “My 2018 Review

  1. The seven habits of highly effective people is one of the amazing books that I have read.. Thanks for referencing it again, and thanks for sharing these priceless nuggets….


  2. Great way to start the year. Thanks for last year’s write ups. They were very helpful. More grace and divine insights. Thanks.


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