November – Heart Matters


Hello everyone, hope we are all doing great as we have about 40 days to Christmas & 47 days to the year 2018!!!

It’s been an amazing 2017 for me & I hope it’s the same for you.

As we approach the end of the year, its a good time to take stock of this year & review how well you have performed against the goals & objectives you set way back in January.

I am currently doing that & by the end of the month, I would have practically assessed myself & start looking towards 2018.

The month of November is very special to me as all heart related matters happened to me in this month.

My wedding anniversary was on the 5th of the month & I have written in time past as regards my marriage & this year we celebrated 12 solid years of super hot monogamy & I am still chasing the MRS around the house on a regular basis!!!

Today 16th marks 19 years since I first set my eyes on this wonderful damsel that I now call wife & mother of my children & it’s been an amazing journey.

I’ve written 2 posts that chronicles clear nuggets as well as my journey from seeing her for the first time to becoming my soul mate which is what I termed Phase 1

Last night we both had a chat about our lives together these 12 & 19 years as well as what the next line of actions will be as we forge ahead into the future.

Two word rings through for us at this stage & that is GRATITUDE & OVERDOSE, we are super grateful to God for all he has done in our lives, its been super amazing looking at what he is currently doing & we are grateful for the things he has in store for us in the future.It’s been an overdose of love, joy, peace & praise for us over these years!!

Zig Ziglar says “People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace.” The stability we’ve had at the home front has been the main reason & force for my effectiveness at work & in my career.

I will be the first to admit that it’s not been all smooth & we’ve had our rough patches…. a whole lot, but God has seen us through each & everyone as the number of our challenges became the number of our victories.

To top it up, next week 23rd is also her birthday as she continues to be my very own cute sweet 16 ( with years of experience to back it up) & then it’s THANKSGIVING as well.

Now you understand why this month is super special to me!!

To celebrate these heart related matters, I will be adding 2 more nuggets to my 10 from 10 post  as well as start Phase 2 of bone of my bones series.

Stay tuned & let’s go on this journey together.

I do hope that someone will be helped & inspired as we look to resolve all heart related matters.

My heart matters are rock solid & in good condition, how about yours?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!



4 thoughts on “November – Heart Matters

  1. Inspirational. I just had peripheral talk with spouse of 12 years on how it’s been with us. After going through this piece, I think it worth doing details of the 12years and giving Him all the thanks for each detail.


    1. Yes sir!! I can assure you that when you do it, you will see how blessed you are & that will give you confidence that “He who has began the good work is faithful & able to take you all the way”. Also start to look at what your next 12 years will look like & draw up that picture!!! Congratulations for 12 years of bliss!! This type is rare! do cherish it bro!!


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