Cultivating Leadership skills in our kids VI


As we reach the end of August 2017, I would like to sincerely appreciate everyone who has either visited this blog, followed this series, liked my posts & made comments here or across other social media platforms.

I am truly grateful & you are the reason I am encouraged & inspired me to go on.

This is the 6th post in the series & we’ve been laying brick upon brick as we look under every rock to build up on this topic, my advise will be to refer to all the previous posts to catch up.

In my last post, I started talking about TALENT management as part of ways to cultivating leadership skills in our kids.

Our kids are blessed with an abundant supply of talents & its our duty as parents to help them nurture & refine them as well as develop vital skills so as to be successful & to bless the world & their generation.

A lot of the times as parents, we tend to only focus on their “education” from a view of ensuring they get good grades so as to get to good schools & end up getting a great 9 to 5 job while we play down or even shut off their creativity.

I knew a lot kids growing up who got frustrated by their parent’s quest to actualise their unfulfilled dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant, etc at the expense of their child’s dream & talent.

Some of my mates in college faced this frustration & I witnessed it first hand.

Almost all of them graduated from college with good grades, but a lucky few dumped their certificates to pursue their dreams after gaining independence from their parents & they are doing great now, imagine the time wasted in trying to fulfil their parents dream.

For some reason, my mother wanted me to become a medical doctor, but I wasn’t cut out for it at all, she nurtured this dream until I got to junior high school & passed my exams.

In senior high school I was a science student, excellent in mathematics, physics & chemistry, but so poor in biology & she was very disappointed but I was so happy because by that time I had been introduced to electronics & computers so much so that I got hooked.I was already opening up our old TV & radio sets as well as all of my electronic toys to understand what was inside of them.

By the time I finished high school & was ready for college, my mom gave up that dream &  personally got me two 6 months internships at a local electrical repair shop & an electronics/computer repair shop respectively to help me decide on what I wanted to do as I was torn between either becoming an electrical engineer or an electronics/computer engineer. I ended up combining both with a major in electronics & telecommunications & the rest is history.

I said all of that to show the importance of  nurturing the giftings & talents of our kids.

Before starting our family, my wife & I discussed & agreed that we will not put any pressure on our kids to build up to one profession or the other, but we will closely watch them & ensure that we nurture & support their love for any profession,talent or giftings they display growing up & just advise them on the journey to reaching their greatest potential.

Our job was to provide them with the enabling environment & resources to be the best they can be.

Because we wanted our kids to be better version of us, we ensured that they had a better start than we had growing up, for example I didn’t get to interact with computers until my late teens & didn’t own one till my early twenties.

Our son started operating a computer by age 3 & owns a laptop now. We noticed that he loved watching cartoons & animated movies, he loved Ben10, DC & marvel comics heroes so much that he started drawing his own characters & narrating  stories along with them, almost all of his school books had cartoon drawings on them.

We didn’t shut him down, we encouraged him to do this & even got him drawing books to use while ensuring he kept his grades up at all times. Just like in developed countries, they ensured an all round education that involved extra-curricular activities, we did the same with him.

As we saw that his interest was getting serious, I downloaded an application for him to use & he moved from drawing on paper to doing it on his computer, remember I shared under knowledge management how I introduced him to the internet, now he uses that to get more information on how to make animations & he got better.

We recently enrolled him in a summer coding program on computer programming, animations & game development, he was super excited about it & finished best in his age group category.

We have sparked a fire in him already & we are excited on how far he will go with this considering the trends in Information & Communication Technology.

This is just one example, we have also exposed him to other skills that are very important to his all round success in life even if it wasn’t innate to him.

My wife taught him music & he plays classical music on the piano & keyboard, we are both taking guitar lessons, he started swimming from the age of 2 & now competes & win medals for his school, he is also in the football, basketball,athletics & gymnastic teams competing & winning medals.

Being involved in these activities teaches him about empowerment, team-work, hierarchy, strategy, self-confidence, endurance, consistency & overcoming failure ( I will touch more on this later) & we reinforce these lessons as we have engaging conversations with him about them.

“No individual can win a game by himself.” -Pele

Our daughter is not left out too, we noticed that she loves singing & dancing as well as cooking with her mom. So she got enrolled in ballet classes at age 4, she also started swimming at 2 & we exposed her to watching shows like Idols, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, Junior Master Chef , My Kitchen rules, etc & she regularly performs her latest songs & dance routines for the family.

Talent management is very essential to their success in life, observe what they are good at, what they like doing & help them kindle that fire.

I have 2 more points under Management before we move to the next segment.

Are you trying to live your dream through your child?

Are you shutting down their creativity & innate talents?

Are you cultivating those talents, giftings & skills required to make them successful in life?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!



2 thoughts on “Cultivating Leadership skills in our kids VI

  1. Very interesting piece. We should endeavour not to make the mistakes our parents made. Ignorance is not an excuse. Weldone sir.


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