Leadership & Work Ethics – Part 6


Happy New Month to everyone!!! Welcome to MARCH 2017!!! 

We’ve spent quite some time on this series & based on the feedback I’ve gotten from people across various platforms, its been worth it.

Today I will like to quickly look at leadership relationship as it concerns the concept of 360 degree leadership.

After looking at all of the 5 levels of leadership in previous posts, the concept of 360 degree leadership highlights the fact that you can lead from anywhere within an organisation. This concept was explain by John Maxwell in his book “The 360 Degree Leader” & I will just summarise it below.


To be a 360 degree Leader, you must know how to:

  1. LEAD UP ( show leadership & influence to those above you)
  2. LEAD DOWN (show leadership & influence to those below  you)
  3. LEAD ACROSS (show leadership & influence to your peers)


  • Lead yourself exceptionally well
  • Lighten your leader’s load
  • Be willing to do what others wont
  • Do more than manage – LEAD
  • Invest in relational chemistry
  • Be prepared every time you take your leader’s time
  • Know when to push & when to back off
  • Become a go-to-player ( Be a solution provider)
  • Be better tomorrow than you are today


  • Walk slowly through the halls ( Be accessible)
  • See everyone as a “10” ( believe the best of people)
  • Develop each team member as a person.
  • Place people in their strength zone.
  • Model the behaviour you desire.
  • Transfer the vision.
  • Reward Results.


  • Understand, practice & complete the leadership loop (It’s a process & it takes time)
  • Complement fellow leaders & don’t compete
  • Be a friend
  • Avoid office politics ( Adding value should be your only political move)
  • Expand your circle of acquaintances
  • Let the best idea win ( look for WIN-WIN situations)
  • Don’t pretend you’re perfect

On a daily basis, I am constantly working to become a better all round ( 360 degree leader), based on these points and I try to learn from my everyday experience not just at work but in every situation I find myself.

Some days are easy & some are hard, there are days I lead up, down & across effectively & days I mess up totally, but one thing I always do is forgetting the past & pressing forward (Philippians 3:12-14 KJV). I have seen the positive results of being a 360 degree leader & it encourages me to push on.

The next & final post on this series will be looking at work ethics

Are you a leader? What is the level of your influence? Is your influence 360 degree all round? No matter where you are now, strive to move to the next level. There is much more to achieve!!

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ!!!



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