Leadership & Work Ethics – Part 5


58 days have passed in the year 2017 out of 365 & its the last day of February already, how are you doing as regards your goals for this year? I hope they are going on as planned & you are moving forward in the right direction. As we begin to round up our discussion on the series “Leadership & Work Ethics“, today’s post will be about the final level of leadership.

As seen in the picture below, the final level of leadership or influence is level 5 which is the Personhood (Pinnacle) or Respect level.


This is the highest and most difficult level of leadership or influence. Previous levels 1-4 can be learned & worked at, but at level 5,other people put you there because of who you are & what you represent to them. At this level, the leader becomes a brand & the power of influence gets to the commitment level where people are willing to do anything to maintain that brand & respect.

Not many people are at this level of leadership, but its the ultimate level to have maximum impact in the lives of people. For the sake of being modest, I know John Maxwell will not admit this, but I  believe that he is around this level & he has become synonymous with LEADERSHIP as a brand. He is the number one voice on the topic in the world.

A lot of people around the world ( including myself) have bought into him as a person & what he represents & into his vision of working to equip as many people as possible with leadership teaching. His EQUIP vision has now reached & trained over 6 million people in 196 countries of the world, that is impact!!!

As he celebrated his 70th birthday this month, it is appropriate that I honour a man that I’ve followed through his books ( hard & soft copies), websites,blogs,videos & webinars for over 20 years & I look forward to meeting him ( in person) in not so distant future.



Are you a leader? What is the level of your influence? No matter where you are now, strive to move to the next level. There is much more to achieve!!

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ!!!


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