Leadership & Work Ethics – Part 3


As we further look at the topic leadership & work ethic, 2 previous posts (Part1 & Part2) have given us a good foundation. You can read them up to catch up on the discussion.

Leadership Level 1 is all about compliance based on Position ( or rights), people follow you because they have to. Level 2 is about Permission ( or relationship) in which people follow you because they want to, they give you the permission to lead them based on genuine & true relationships.

Today, I will be looking at the 3rd level of leadership & this is PRODUCTION

Levels of leadership – LEVEL 3 PRODUCTION

At Level 3, people follow you because of what you have done. There are clear, solid results that you have achieved & as Pastor Ana Sweet will say ” People might argue with your principles, but they will never argue with results“. The success of the leader is what draws follower-ship at this level.

They must have observed something about you that they admire or desire. Your results generally play a big part at this stage & people give you the permission to influence them so as to produce those results themselves.

I have a young man that regularly chats with me about relationships & tells how much he loves & admires  my marriage & home especially after we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2015. We’ve built a relationship over the years in which he has given me the permission to share my experience especially when my wife & I were dating ( he is currently at that stage) as we prepared for marriage.

Because he saw results in the area that he desires, he is willing & open to my influence in that area. Even though our chats are short ( 10-20 mins), I always ensure I drop new nuggets for him each time which he runs with & by our next chat he provides me with a progress report. I am happy that he is on his path to marital bliss, being equipped to face the unique challenges that will come along the way.

In project management, most project managers rely on their expertise as a form of authority to lead their teams successfully.  I experienced this a lot while consulting & leading projects for 4 years across central & west Africa. Whenever I joined a new project as the lead consultant or PM, the team tends to size me up ( this was particularly a challenge for me considering I was young & black, the usual notion was that only old white PMs can be an expert in Telecoms considering it was new to Africa in the mid 2000’s), but by the time I have my first interaction with the team & display an expert level of knowledge than most of the folks in the team, I tend to hold a higher level of influence & coupled with a good relationship based on mutual respect (level 2) & the fact that I am the boss (level 1), the initial resistance melts into a vibrant team ethics which guaranteed success every time.

Good leaders don’t just create pleasant working environment, they get things done.

Static Train vs Moving Train

Momentum is created at this level, especially if you work with the same team on different projects. This is because the more you work together & produce results on projects, the more trust the team has in their ability to churn out results no matter the obstacle.

John Maxwell uses this example when he talks about momentum, a static train can be stopped from moving by using a small block, but a moving train at 70 mph will crush that block or any obstacle along its way because of momentum.

Leaders can become change agents at this level & take people to the next level of effectiveness. At this point,leading becomes fun!!

A lot of people are usually on Levels 1 -3 in their leadership or influence journey. That has been my experience too, but very few move up to the next 2 levels. I will be looking at Level 4 of leadership in my next post.

Are you a leader? What is the level of your influence? No matter where you are now, strive to move to the next level. There is much more to achieve!!

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ!!!




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