February Musing


Just like that January has already passed & we are 10 days into the month of February. 41 days into the 365 days of 2017!! How are things going in line with your goals & targets for this year? Are you on track? If Yes keep pushing forward!! Have you fallen off? Forget the past! Get back on track, work on your commitment, get a support structure around you & push forward!!!

For the first couple of days in this month, I did a quick review of my January 2017 goals & I achieved about 70% of them. I feel very excited about this & further encouraged to push on in this month & maintain this trend at the very least.

I love the quote of Winston Churchill that says “Never, Never,Never Give Up!!!” In case you have fallen short of your goals, I am here to encourage you to get back on it & never give up, the Johnnie Walker advert & logo readily comes to my mind now & it says “Keep Walking” Just take one step at a time, it might look like nothing has changed or changing, but if you stay with it consistently, you will realise after a while that you’ve made progress.

I woke up yesterday morning with the second chapter of Psalms on my mind & I’ve been musing about it till now. See it doesn’t matter what evil people plot or plan against you, the one who sits in heaven (God) will laugh at them & say to them that He has installed you as his king in Zion. All you need to do is take a stand with God, make your request known to him & HE will answer you. I’ve seen God turn things around for my good before & the same God that was faithful in the past will not disappoint this time around. Philippians 1:6

Don’t think about HOW he will do it, just focus on the fact that HE WILL DO IT & do it just in time so that you are not ashamed but honoured.

In this month, I will be looking to finish some of the uncompleted series I started before, unless I am inspired otherwise.

I am so sure that this month will be way better than last month in all areas of my life & everything that concerns me will FLY high to the next level. This is my prayer for you & yours. God bless you more & more!!!

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!



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