Living Intentionally – Final


Hello everyone, this will be the last post in my series on living intentionally.

In the previous posts, we’ve looked at defining living intentionally, what it involves & what it allows you to do:

  1. Move from intentions to actions.
  2. Gain the value of front-end thinking, which involves having to plan ahead.
  3. Be inspired  to make everyday count.
  4. Make changes one step at a time.

In today’s post, I will like to look at the various areas that you need to live intentionally.

As previously stated, living intentionally involves living a deliberate,consistent & wilful life as defined by John C. Maxwell in his book Intentional Living &  also in a  couple of his presentations on the topic.

We must pursue Living Intentionally in the following areas:

Become intentional in the area of growth. The only guarantee of a better tomorrow is to grow. Change is the only constant thing in life & we must strive to get better everyday. In 2017, work to be a better version of your 2016 self, upgrade yourself across all lines. Learn a new skill or language, read new books, no matter what it is ensure that you add value to yourself.  Life keeps moving forward, if you stay stagnant, you will be left behind.


Become intentional in your attitude. Its a choice, attitude is the main thing, it makes a difference in your life. As the saying goes, your attitude determines your altitude. This is very important, going by the common HR mantra “Hire attitude & train skill“, your skill is great, but your attitude is much more important.

Become intentional in relationships. Be intentional with those you hang with. Be around people that will challenge & inspire you. Prov 13: 20 (NIV) says “Walk with the wise and become wise,for a companion of fools suffers harm“. If you hang around Billionaires, given enough time you will become one.

Become intentional in your purpose. Find your purpose & fulfil it. Dr Myles Munroe usually says ” When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable“. Don’t just drift through life, know why you are here,what you are meant for  & the effects you need to imprint on the sands of time.

Become intentional in the area of significance. Success is mostly about ourselves,we are basically selfish people by nature & I am also guilty of this but I’m learning each day that significance is mostly about others.Its when you intentionally think about others & how to add value to them that you become significant. I’m beginning  to realise that if you help other people get what they want, other people will also help you get what you want.

Being significant is all about value add. You must value people, think of ways to add value to them, look for ways to add that value, take actions with the aim of adding value ( you add the greatest value in the area of your gifting, passion & the needs of people) & encourage others in your network to add value to people.

On a final note, most people don’t write their story………they only read their story. Living intentionally puts you in the driver’s seat of your life & ensure that you write your story.


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2 thoughts on “Living Intentionally – Final

  1. Great series it is and I have shared this to many I believe should get this , God bless you for the good piece you have put together today and the previous posts. Thanks a lot !


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