Living Intentionally – 3


This is a continuation of our discussion on  intentional living.

Living intentionally  involves living a deliberate,consistent & wilful life. In the previous posts, we discussed how living intentionally allows you:

  1. Move from intentions to actions.
  2. Gain the value of front-end thinking, which involves having to plan ahead.
  3. Be inspired  to make everyday count.

Today, we will be looking at how living intentionally allows you to make changes one step at a time.

In 2014, I took an online leadership course – Better leader, Richer Life– on COURSERA which was provided by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania & I learnt about looking at your life as a structured system that you can work on & change.

It’s more like working through a jig-saw puzzle & in my experience, the best way to solve a puzzle is to firstly look for & put in place all the pieces that make the edges (or boundaries) & then place the renaming pieces one at a time.

My last post was about those boundaries & structures, making everyday count by intentionally having things you do & don’t do that sets you on a path to success. I ended  saying you don’t have to be great to start, but to be great you must start.

Seeing your life as a system makes you know that achieving those goals takes a process, it will take time, take effort & yes you will make mistakes or even fail at times, but you must not give up.

One of the key things here is to set the right priorities, I shared a section of this in one of my previous post. Based on the values I got growing up, my major priorities were God, Family & Career. I also love having the good things of life, but my priorities were set as good education, great career, home ownership, good cars, etc. By the grace of God I’ve ticked off a lot of these goals by taking them one step at a time & I’m working on a few as well.

In this case of achieving goals & being successful you must prioritise them according to either their level of importance to you or maybe ease of accomplishment.  There is a need to break them down into smaller achievable actions that you can focus on. FOCUS means Facing One Course Until Success!!!!

Focus is the difference between a laser beam & a touch light, with focus a laser beam can cut through things while a touch light cant.You must avoid idea of multitasking,studies have proven that with a high level of multitasking, productivity reduces.

I actually experience this a lot at work, I noticed that I am more productive & efficient when I list out all of my tasks, assign priorities to them & work on them one after the other than doing a little bit of this & that.

When it comes to achieving your set goals you must be intentional & know that you don’t have to change everything at the same time, but you have to start by changing something.

Do you want to save more this year compared to the last? Do you want to be in shape more this year?You must start one step at a time!!!

Are you living intentionally or just drifting by?

In the next post, I will be looking at areas in which you need to be intentional so as to be successful & significant.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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