Living Intentionally – 2


At the end of my previous post, I asked a question, Are you living intentionally or just drifting by?

Living intentionally  involves living a deliberate,consistent & wilful life. It moves you from intentions to actions. Gives you the value of front-end thinking, which involves having to plan ahead. It also inspires you to make everyday count.

Ps1:1-3(NIV)  has been on my mind since the last post. To live intentionally there are things you must do deliberately & things you wont do deliberately on a daily basis so as to achieve your set goals.

It’s really interesting that to start the book of Psalms, God inspired David with a picture of someone that is blessed. Verse 1 indicates the things they don’t do – Walk in step with the wicked, stand  in the way of sinners, sit in the company of mockers- while verse 2 shows us what they do – Delight in the law of the LORD, mediates on it day & night. Verse 3 gives us the consequence of these deliberate actions- That person is exactly like a tree planted by streams of water, yields its fruit in season, leaf doesn’t wither & whatever they do prospers.

A lot of people want the result (verse 3), but are not willing to live a deliberate & consistent life ( which involves sacrifices & prioritisation as seen in verse 1 & 2). What are the things you don’t do as a matter of principle because of your dreams & the goals you’ve set for yourself? What are the things you actually do deliberately because of those dreams & goals?

I had a dream of getting my Master’s degree ( MBA) a couple of years ago from an internationally reputable institution. This was a difficult dream to achieve considering I had a full-time job as well as a family to cater for with all the related expenses.I couldn’t afford to resign & take a full year off, so I started looking for a business school that could meet all of my requirements, I was inspired by friends & colleagues who had done theirs & had even advanced to their doctorate.

So with a close friend of mine we challenged each other & researched until we found one in the UK ( at the time, the raking was 1st in the UK & 4th in the world) that offered distance learning for 3 years, with flexible payments & the MBA degree will be the same as those that did the executive one year full-time.

We jumped on-board & started in 2010, but I had to sacrifice a lot of time away from family, colleagues & friends to concentrate. I remember at the time I had to rearrange my time & daily activities to ensure I was asleep by 8pm ( almost everyday) so I could wake up by 4am to pray & study. To my colleagues at the time, it looked like I don’t sleep at all.

Just as promised, I was done by 2013, obtained my MBA degree with good grades & the skills I gained during that time also reflected in the quality of my work in the office, I had added value to myself & to the organisation & this put me on a platform to obtain admission for my Doctorate in a US university last year.

I shared this to let you know that living intentionally inspires you to make every day count & move you forward in the direction of achieving those dreams & goals. The secret to our success lies in what you choose to do every single day. I recall the great boxing champion Mohammed Ali saying that he doesn’t like the every day training ( of waking up early, working out & perfecting his art), but he loves being champion.

You must embrace your dreams & goals so much that the everyday sacrifice looks like nothing in comparison(Heb 12:2 NKJV).

Your dreams should consume you so much that it keeps you awake at night, it should motivate you so much that it becomes your 5-9 after your normal 9-5. Apostle Paul says in 1Cor10:23 GNB, we are allowed to do anything, but not everything is good, not everything is helpful.

Usain Bolt will tell you that to win triple gold medals in 100m, 200m & 4x100m in 3 consecutive Olympic games involves not doing everything, but only those things that are good & helpful to him achieving that goal.

You get no value out of intentions. The only person that can make a masterpiece out of your life is you. Stop waiting for someone to make your day, make your day yourself. Start by filing your day/calendar with what you want to do, then adjust your priorities, identify your key stakeholders,get help if required.

Remember it’s a process, it will take time, you will have challenges, you might even fail, but don’t give up.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you don’t have to be great to start, but you must START to be GREAT.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!













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