Criteria for Leadership


One of my goals for 2017 is to finish up all of the series I previously started & I actually have a few on Thinking, Family,Leadership, etc & I will be working on them in the coming days.

Even though I try as much as possible not to color my posts with shades of politics,  I could not help to think about the event of yesterday as President Barack Obama gave his final speech as the 44th president of the United States of America, 10 days before handing over to president-elect Trump.

I watched the video on YouTube & for about an hour I was fighting back the tears, I flashed back to his 2004 DNC speech, winning the presidential elections as America’s very first black president in 2008 & the re-election four years later. I know people have different views about him & his presidency but the things that stands out for me are his leadership qualities.

Being a student of leadership, I always look out for nuggets to pick up from people & President Obama has some great qualities. We are at a time in history in which we need more leaders to rise up & take their place in various areas of life & living so as to make this world a better place.

I recently started a Bible character study on David ( A shepherd after God’s heart) alongside the John Maxwell’s Leadership devotional & all of these materials & information crystallised into this post.

As John Maxwell will usually say, “everything rises & falls on leadership“. I am a firm believer that leadership skills can be developed & its not an automatic thing, even though some innate gifts could help along the way.

Leadership can be that difference, the difference between success & failure.

I will like to quickly touch on 4 criteria & basic skills that a leader should have.

  1. Attitude Skills – A servant’s heart, both positive and persistent. A leader must know that he is leading to serve & not to be served. This must be a settled point in the mind of a leader.
  2. People Skills – The ability to relate to others: communicate, delegate, motivate, confront, etc. Since the role of a leader is to lead people, then relational skills becomes important, you must know understand uniformity & solidarity.
  3. Equipping Skills – The ability to train and develop others for service. A leader must produce more leaders, have the knowledge & capability to mentor & coach others.
  4. Leadership Skills – The ability to cast vision, plan strategy, direct teams, and empower others. A leader must know the way, go the way & show the way.

As we say goodbye to president Obama, think about yourself in the light of the mentioned skills ( these are just the basics, there are much more) & be inspired to be a leader, identify the areas who need help & support, reach out to those who can build you up in those areas.

The world needs more leaders & I am so much convinced that that leader is YOU.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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