You have a choice!!


It’s really amazing to know that we’ve gone through the 1st week of 2017 already, we now have 51 weeks to go. I hope most of us have completed our 2016 appraisals & have set the target/goals to achieve in 2017. If not, please try to do that in the coming weeks so you can start to focus on how you will accomplish these goals.

One of the best ways to ensuring that we achieve these goals is to start to break them down into detailed actions that you can track on a daily, weekly & monthly basis & YES you need a 100% commitment.

It was so interesting for me during the week to read the status updates of 2 of my friends on Facebook & they were talking about the same thing- Mentoring – One was grateful for the mentors he had in 2016 & how they impacted his live, kindled a fire within him & looked at how he has decided to glean even more from them this year. The other person talked about mentoring as a 2-way street where he mentors others & sees it as an avenue to learn as well.

Everyone needs a mentor, someone who has done what you aspire to do, who is not afraid or intimidated by your potential, who can show you the pitfalls along the way ( especially from his/her mistakes) to ensure that you don’t fall into them.

According to my friend, Oprah had a mentor in Maya Angelou, Mark Zukerburg had a mentor in Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jnr had a mentor in Dr Benjamin Mays & Justin Beiber had Usher as his mentor with both mentors & mentees being successful in their various fields of endeavour. You can achieve a lot more in 2017 by getting a mentor & you can learn a great deal also by becoming a mentor to others. You have a choice!!!

From John Maxwell’s daily video message “A minute with Maxwell”, my eyes caught a particular phrase “Be a river, not a reservoir” & my mind went back to those Facebook updates & I began to meditate on this topic. We all have a choice about the outcomes of 2017 no matter how last year was or how this first week has been so far.

Everything in our life is a reflection of choices we’ve made so far & if we want a different result then we need to make different choices. In 2017, there is a chance to be a river or a reservoir. A river flows, it receives & gives on a regular basis, but a reservoir predominantly receives.

You have a choice to be a blessing in 2017 to everyone around you. Don’t be a parasite that just takes from a system & doesn’t give back.

God gives us 86,400 seconds everyday, these are loaded with opportunities & chances, you have a choice every second to make the best out of it. Denis Waitley says “In life we are faced with 2 primary choices; To accept conditions as they exist, or to accept the responsibility for changing them”. Deuteronomy 30:15 (NLT) says “Now listen! Today I am giving you a choice between life & death, between prosperity & disaster”

I’ve decided to be a river in 2017, to be a mentor to people in the areas where I have achieved success ( based on the principles I’ve followed with evident results) & also to get mentors in areas where I need help, where I want to achieve success.

One thing is clear, 2017 will be a fantastic year based on the choices I make.

I will take a deep dive into the art of mentoring in later posts, but You have a choice to make right now about 2017.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


2 thoughts on “You have a choice!!

  1. Well said. The words of one of my mentors ” A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle” has resonated with me through the years.

    I believe we were put on this earth to be a blessing, a river, to light other candles. As people mentor us we should aspire to mentor others.


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