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In the last 4 years or so, I’ve regularly attended a special program (Days of Glory) at the beginning & about middle of the year as organized by Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA).

This program helps me to formulate strategies about the new year as well as review how far I’ve gone by the middle of the year. Even though it’s more of a spiritual event, I use it to check my state of affairs across the 7 areas of my life.

But this year’s event at the start of 2016 was mind blowing as it went from just being a spiritual event to including some empowerment session that dealt with Career & Life as it concerns the market place. My encounter with these speakers was so deep that I’m yet to recover from the effect of those sessions & 2 words have been ringing in my head “SOLUTION PROVIDER”.

A classical definition of a solution provider is a company or individual that provides typical I.C.T solutions to a business or organization.  Based on my career and training as an engineer, I’ve always positioned myself as a solution provider, but not in the way that it was amplified in these sessions. It’s gone beyond just I.C.T to everything in life generally.

God has placed me on this planet to be a solution to the various problems in the world today.

In life generally, people are remembered for 2 things: the problems they created & the problems they solved. The annals of history are full of examples of people who one way or the other have made life easy & some that made life difficult.

The question is which one do you want to be? I want to be remembered for the solutions that I provided.

Here are 2 areas I am looking at:


I want to be a solution provider at work.

This I’ve always done, but I want to do more of it this year, I want my boss to think of me first whenever there is a problem at the office, he must be able to rely on me for a solution and I must not fail him.

This is not an easy thing to achieve as typically a lot of people run away from problems and challenges but I love to thrive during these trying times. I’ve realized that you need to go through the cross to get the crown and the number of challenges becomes the number of victories.

Are there processes that you can make better? Recurring issues that you can dedicate extra time to resolve with your colleagues forming a team?

On the other hand, are there things you are doing now as a hubby that might eventually be the right career for you? Heard a story of a lady who was a frustrated banker,but an excellent organizer. She just stepped out & organized a friend’s wedding for free, the outcome was so amazing that people started asking her about doing a similar job for them, it got so intense that she had to quit her 9-5 job to face this side gig. She became a solution provider & the rest is history.

Dr. Mike Murdock says “Wherever there is a problem there is reward“, solve the problem & the reward is yours.

Goliath was disturbing the children of Israel for 40 days, King Saul was terrified & announce a reward to anyone that could solve the problem. David showed up & asked “What reward will be given to the person that kills Goliath?” He solved the problem & got the reward.

Joseph was in the same situation when the Pharaoh had a dream, he resolved the problem at hand & got the reward instantly.

It’s interesting to note that the amount of money (Salary) you get at work right now has some correlation to the problems you are solving within that organization.


The world is full of issues at the moment. There are diseases, famines, climate change,inflation, unemployment, depleting resources, wars, terrorism, drugs, broken homes,poverty, bad leadership, corruption, violence, degradation of values, lack of respect, bad media content, etc plaguing our societies across the globe & everyone is looking for solutions.

The recent Zika virus outbreak is a major concern, President Obama’s recent push for computer literacy across board in the US is a problem that needs a solution, so is Nigeria’s economic situation. There is something that can be done to solve these issues & the key lies within us.

Recently, someone complained about the level of bad media content & how it’s affecting the younger generation today. My question to the person was “Can you provide better content with high quality to replace what is out there?” This is something to explore & some people are already working on this.

My mind is working overtime now to look for solutions.The world has become a small village thanks to the internet & social media, so take advantage of what you have, seek to be a solution provider & let the world remember you for good.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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