Variety: That is the spice of Life!!

On Wednesday 7th October 2015, I attended a weekly meeting in the office as usual & just for the fun of it decided to change from my regular sitting position to another one since I got there early ( as usual).  As the meeting room got filled up, I looked around & realized that everyone sat in their usual spot & things got funny when the person that regularly sits where I now sat came in & demanded that I move.

I asked him a simple question, Why this spot in particular? He couldn’t give a very precise answer, so I just asked jokingly that he sits somewhere else & enjoy the meeting from another perspective. We still had a very successful meeting & I also had a very different view from where I sat & that got me thinking…. Why do we do what we do?

You see as humans beings we are creatures of habit & when we get used to doing things in a particular way or in this case sitting in a particular spot, we tend to stick to it & don’t change. This post is about being free to experience change & to look at things from a different perspective.To enjoy the spice of life – VARIETY!!!

Naturally, I am a stickler for rules & I love to get things defined, have a scope or perimeter that guides engagement. But I’m learning now on a daily basis to enjoy life & all of it’s varieties, to just relax & not take things too seriously. I am always on the look out for new things, new ways of doing things,new ideas, new perspectives just to make me a better & complete person.

God was introduced to us as a maker, a creator in Genesis 1:1, but he didn’t just make one thing, he made a variety of things, lights ( Sun, Moon & Stars),heaven & earth, land & sea, different species of plants & animals, then Man & Woman. For those 6 days he kept making different things, this clearly shows that God loves variety.

In Genesis 9 after the flood in which Noah & his family was saved, God made a promise to Man that he will not destroy the earth again with water & he gave the rainbow as a sign. This also depicts the many sides of God & his love for variety, so why will we as human beings not love variety.

Just to set the right perspective, I’m not talking about variety in terms of societal vices, but in the way we lead our lives generally, we need to be better & to do that we must embrace change & be willing to try new things, stretch, & break new grounds to become better.

For example with the heighten security tension in the world, it’s a security risk to stick to a life of routine ( i.e. you take the same route to work or home, stop by the same gas station to refill, go to the same store on Sundays at 4pm etc), why not do something different for a change.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over & over again while expecting a different result, why not breakout from that mold & do some new things deliberately, be intentional about it.

Maybe at work, there has been a particular way of doing things ( say a process or routine activity), why not seek to find a better way, break the jinx & think outside the box, you will be surprise what you will get out of it.

Do you love a type of music? or love to read certain type of books or magazines? Why not try to listen to & read  a different type & try to be eclectic, broaden your view about things.

1Tim6:17, the latter part says that “God has given us all things to richly enjoy“, if that is the case, why not spice up your life a little bit & enrich it with those goodness that God has freely given.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!



2 thoughts on “Variety: That is the spice of Life!!

  1. Seyi,I just love reading your snippets.God will continually increase your wisdom, knowledge &the understanding in life.In Jesus Name.Amen.Greetings to my family in your care.Remain blessed.


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