Be a Better YOU!

As we begin Day 2 of 2016, people traditionally would have or will be making their new year resolutions. The same way churches would have declared themes for 2016 as the year of New beginnings, double honor, open doors,God making all things new, etc. All of these are fantastic & highly required to help you set direction, goals & aspirations for the new year.

In addition to all of this & to make it pretty simple, may I ask that one of your major goals for this year should be to become a better person. Let the 2016 version of you be better than 2015. I spent the early hours of today just thinking about the past year, the goals I set for myself & how well I achieved them.

Its encouraging to know that I was better in some areas in 2015 than 2014, but in other areas I didn’t even scratch the surface, so my aim in 2016 is to move to a better place, be a better father, husband, brother, son, uncle, employee, manager, leader , citizen, etc.

This must be a 366 day project (2016 is a leap year), we must strive each day to be better, to do this we need to sincerely access the whole of 2015 in different areas ( see my previous post on State of Affairs), identify areas where improvements are required & then set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) targets for 2016.

Joel Osteen has a book “Become a better You” in which he highlighted 7 keys to improving oneself everyday. Considering the fact that we just celebrated Christmas, I will like to glean some nuggets from the story of the birth of Jesus.

  • Align with God’s plan for your life: I can imagine Joseph & Mary had plans for their lives, what they wanted to do after they got married. Possibly Joseph had plans to expand the carpentry business across Galilee, Mary might have been thinking about going for that tapestry course, etc. But God had a better plan for them far beyond their wildest imagination (Is 55:8). And when He sent angel Gabriel to announce his plan to Mary (even though it sounded too good to be true, it looked impossible) she simply said ” Be it unto me according to your word” Lk1:38.  Gabriel also got Joseph to align with God’s plans as well. As you start 2016, please don’t just make plans about tomorrow without aligning with the God that owns tomorrow. He’s got the best plan for you this year & you will be doing yourself a big favor by aligning with Him.
  • Move with the right crowd: This point is very critical, once you align with the higher & better plans God has for you, you need to change, find & move with the right crowd. He that works with the wise will be wise, Mary was informed about a near impossible thing that God wants to do in her life ( A virgin giving birth), in the same vein Gabriel also told her that the once called barren Elizabeth ( another almost impossible situation) is already 6 months pregnant. Mary had to change her company, she went to spend sometime (3months) with Elizabeth. In 2016 do a quick check & prune your crowd, ensure you walk with people that are moving in the same direction as yours. Get around those that motivate & inspire you to become better. You will have to let go of those that make you feel sick, discouraged & down.

I am super excited about this year as I’ve been inspired to be a better person, to dress better, spend more time with my Guitar, to be more of an inspiration to others, to learn more, etc.

I am determined to make my 2016 version much better than 2015 in all areas. I know it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it after all.

I want to be able to sit come January 2017 & boldly say I WAS A BETTER ME in 2016!!!

What is your plan for 2016,will you strive to be a better you?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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