The Thinking Series – Part 5


As we continue on this series, you can check out all of the previous posts to catch up on the discussions so far. Our last point was “Rethink you thought“, this is more like an incubation period to test out the idea. A day or two is fine to rethink & re-validate the idea or thought.

A colleague of mine made a comment about my previous post referencing the famous Japanese expression “Good thinking, Good products” which Toyota uses as a catalyst for continuous improvement. This further validates the reason to raise your thinking prowess as it guarantees good solutions. Changed thinking is worth the investment.

Today I will like to highlight a couple of related nuggets as we learn about “How successful people think” & how to “think our way to the top” as gleaned from John Maxwell’s book & workshop.


There is no way you are passionate about something (a thought, a vision or mission that constantly fills your heart), that it will not slip out of your mouth on a regular basis. Matt12:34b says “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks“, v35 provides an insight to the fact that whatever come out of a person is as a result of what is in his/her heart (mind). “It’s your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words” that is the Message Bible version.

Talking enhances your thinking, it takes things to another dimension. I can actually know the stuff anyone is made of by just listening to the person for a while. Whatever fills your heart, comes out from your mouth automatically, you cant hide it.

Anyone around me knows that I am passionate about God, my family & my work. I love music & entertainment, leadership, business strategy & entrepreneurship, love to motivate & inspire people.

As an engineer in a planning function, I am responsible for solutions that are future proof as well as backward compatible. I need all of the information I can get to ensure that I have enough in my mind to be successful. So I try to read across various topics to be as eclectic as possible considering that we are in the Knowledge Age.

But as I have the privilege I get to talk about what I know in a constructive manner, not just as a show-off. My aim is always to be a solution provider, I am not afraid to verbalize my thoughts. I don’t just talk for talking sake, but I talk when I have something solid to say & contribute, like they say it’s the empty barrel that sounds the loudest.

Another related nugget is the ability to table your thoughts. A lot of people are afraid to do this because they feel that other people can steal their ideas & then they loose out. I had this fear before as well, but I’ve learnt two things:

  • Surround yourself with people that are better than you: This might sound funny, but I try as much as possible to have friends, colleagues & acquaintances that are better in one way or the other than me. These people regularly inspire me to get better in everything ( my career, family, relationship with God & others). So when I share my ideas or thoughts, they help me take it to the next level & don’t steal it from me. Review the circle you roll with now , are you the brightest or smartest? If yes, it’s time to check out.
  • Connect to the SOURCE: I’ve had cases of people who stole my ideas & I was really bitter about it. But now as I connect more to God as my source, it doesn’t matter the ideas stolen by others from me, I will always have a better one because I’m connected to the source of everything.

With these 2 points I am no longer afraid to share & table my thoughts.

To table your thought means you share the thought with others, sitting down with people to take that thought & make it better. I’ve realized that good thoughts turn to great thoughts when you share it & get feedback.

In the trapezium example I gave in the last posting, I had a thought about how best to make my presentation, ruminated on it for a day or two & then I verbalized & tabled it by meeting a couple of my colleagues who took that idea to another level.

I also shared it with my director at the formation stage & he added his ideas as well, no wonder he was really eager for me to present when the time came & he backed me up totally.

You have the right people around you when they make your thoughts & ideas better.

Do you have the right people around you? Are you connected to the source? Do you verbalize & table your thought?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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