The Thinking Series – Part 2


Yesterday I started a series based on the workshop & book of John Maxwell about the art of thinking.

I was challenged by one of my colleagues who was not sure of what to do in a changing circumstance & asked for my advice.

I have always settled it in my mind that change is the only constant thing in life & sometimes its inevitable.

Do I resist the change or adapt to it? My response was this according to Charles Darwin, “its not the strongest species that survives, but the most adaptive”. It takes a level of deep thinking to get solutions to life’s issues.

I am learning on a regular basis to change my mindset, to stretch my imagination, to think outside the box. In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki stated that he doesn’t think “I CAN’T” instead he thinks “HOW CAN I?”

I have practiced that a lot & I realized that if I think or say I cant do something, then my mind shuts down & my brain is not tasked for a solution. But if I think & say how can I do this? How can I resolve the problem? Then my mind kicks into gear & the wheels starts to turn till that eureka moment & over 90% of the time I get an idea, an inspiration which solves the problem.

Dr. Mike Murdock says that the most important skill in life is the skill of asking questions.

Most of the time the question How can I? is usually followed by What do you have? Who can you talk to? What do you need? etc. Your mind is an awesome tool & as my pastor will say,”You can’t think like a king and remain a pauper. Your life answers to the things in your heart “.


The nugget yesterday was about focused thinking, being an iceberg thinker & not an ice cube thinker.

Today’s nugget is about thinking the thought. Many people just allow their minds to drift here & there, they don’t really have a thought pattern, it could be sports right now & then their eyes catches a food commercials on TV & off their mind goes to food.

Thinking the thought involves 2 things:

  1. Setting a guard on what you think about: In 2Cor10:3-6 (MSG), Paul was informing us that the world is unprincipled. It’s dog-eat-dog out there & that we have powerful God-given tools to smash warped philosophies, fitting every loose thought into the structure of life shaped by Christ, the KJV says “Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ“. You must be conscious on a daily basis of what you think about, it must align with what God wants you to think about & we are not left in the dark as to what we should think about.              Philippians4:8(MSG) lists all of these things for us whatever is : True,Noble,Reputable,Authentic,Compelling,Gracious – the best, not the worst; the beautiful not the ugly;things to praise, not things to curse. If I thinks on these things constantly & they become my dominant thoughts, then my life will go in that same direction. I strive to do this on a daily basis & i must say its not easy, but its worth it.
  2. Have a designated place to think on your thoughts, understand what triggers your creativity: John recommends that we have a thinking room or place, somewhere quiet, armed with a pen & writing pad to think on our thoughts.

For some people it could be while taking a stroll & in this modern age all of our devices have a word processing application of some sort. I use Evernote & I sync all of my devices.

For others it could be in the toilet/rest room ( it sounds funny, but its true). Personally I have discovered that I can be anywhere & my creativity is triggered by Jazz music. 

As long as I have Jazz music in the background in a quiet place, I am good to go.

Do you think on your thoughts?

Do you set a guard,take charge & align your thoughts?

Do you know what triggers creativity & innovation for you?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


One thought on “The Thinking Series – Part 2

  1. Great article. You are really not bigger than your thoughts. This reinforces what I garnered from reading John Maxwell’s book ‘Thinking for a change’ recently.


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