The Thinking Series – Part 1


On the 30th of July 2015, I was privileged to be part of  the over 2,000 participants that attended the “Think your way to the top LIVE workshop” with John C. Maxwell. It was an amazing 60 mins which I am yet to recover from 4-weeks down the line. If you know John & have attended his conferences or workshops you will realize that every statement he makes comes from a deep place & carries a lot of weight.

I will like to share a couple of nuggets from this workshop as well as from his book “How successful people think” which I am currently reading.

Creativity & Innovation doesn’t just drop on someone, it takes a level of cultivation. A lot of our inventors, world leaders, great CEO’s, etc achieved their feats by practicing & perfecting the art of thinking. My pastor usually states that “your life goes in the direction of your most dominant thought” & I totally agree. Our mind is one of our greatest assets as human beings & its sad that a lot of people don’t take note of what a powerful tool it is.

It’s very fascinating to me when I look at how technology has evolved over the years from the days of riding horses to driving cars with mega horse power, from looking at birds flying in the sky to us now flying planes & shuttles into space, all of these were achieved through the mind of great men & women.

I started looking at this topic about 15 years ago when my room mate in college introduced me to Joyce Meyer & I read her book “The Battlefield of the Mind“. There is a major contention as regarding taking space or having a foothold in our minds, the media world is so full of stuff that constantly bombards our minds & a lot of the time they are negative things.

For example, 2 teenage girls recently turned 18 & the social media was filled with the noise of one that got an exotic car as a gift as compared to the other that opened a school for girls to ensure they are educated just like her.

In sales & marketing there is the principle of TOMA ( Top Of Mind Awareness) in which companies try to take the top spot in your mind using their brand. A lot of money is spent on commercials & adverts through the media & they ensure that they do something unique to catch your attention. They know that if that is done, then a seed is sown & given time, you will come to buy their products.


The first nugget is to strive to be an iceberg thinker & not an ice cube thinker. John highlighted that a lot of people just hop carelessly  from one thought to another without focus & continuity. To be creative & innovative on a constant basis there is a need to think things through & deep. There is no problem you cant solve if you just dedicate more than normal time thinking about a solution. Ice cube thinkers don’t last as they just have isolated & disjointed thoughts, but Iceberg thinkers last a long time as they have thoughts that are rooted & grounded and they build on it layer by layer by later until it bursts up to the surface for all to see.

But being an iceberg thinker is very dependent on what information you feed your mind with. Your mind works exactly like a computer, the information you get out depends on the input data.

What data do you feed your mind with?

What are your most dominant thoughts during the day?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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