Modern Living – Final


In the previous posts ( Part 1 & Part 2), we looked at learning & earning as 2 key components of modern living based on the article I read from an in-flight magazine while I was travelling.

The last component from the article was shopping,but I am deviating from this as I remembered a statement from my peer evaluation from a colleague while running the Wharton School’s module on “Better Leader, Richer Life“. His God-father mentioned that ” The first part of anyone’s life should be dedicated to learning, the next part for earning & the last part for returning or give back.

The final post on this topic will be about giving back. As I highlighted before, there is a need to learn more so as to earn more, but giving back leaves a great impression in the sands of time.

In the same magazine, I read another article about a young Nigerian who is doing very well in the luxury real estate business, who decided to give back with a 10000-Giving Back packs to patients in the same hospital he was born in on his birthday, when asked about this he responded with a phrase he coined saying “If your neighbor is hungry, your chicken is not safe”.

He said ” I have little respect for a man who claims to be wealthy but his neighbors live in abject poverty”, giving back is a fundamental principle of life.

During the Occupy Nigeria episode, I recall seeing a picture of a placard held by someone with the writing ” The poor will have nothing left to eat except the rich”. I’m sure these poor folks will not attack the rich that gives back!!!

A lot of companies these days (Telecoms, Banking, Oil & Gas, etc.) run a unit that is dedicated to giving back, it called CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. They dedicate a portion of their earnings or profit to looking at solving major issues in the community within which they operate. This gesture further endears people to them & increases their bottom line in the long run.

If companies do this in the business world & see great rewards, we need to imbibe this in our individual lives too. How many of us still have those dresses, shirts or shoes in our wardrobes that we loved so much but no longer our size? Why not give it to someone who really needs it & put a smile on their faces.

People really don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. You will be surprised what doors will open to you if you just look in this area & take actions.

My siblings & I have been taught about this by our mom, we are quick to volunteer, to render our services, gifts & talents free of charge, our birthdays are seen as opportunities to bless others, times are spent at motherless babies homes or with the less privilege, we get to see genuine love & appreciation on the faces of these people.

Ty Pennington’s Extreme Makeover – Home Edition inspires me every time I watch it & that principle of seed, time & harvest always hold true.

I will stop here & ask a few questions which will drive further discussions.

Has your impact been felt in your community?

What actions can you take today as you start to give back?

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ !!!


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