My focus recently has shifted more on the Life-Work balance as this is a challenge I am going through now.

How do I juggle my various roles (As a husband, father, son,brother, manager, blogger, public speaker,mentor,leader,follower,etc) to achieve a level of balance that provides me with comfort on every side?

I work in the telecoms sector & I know too well the distractions that a smartphone can bring into someone’s life. I have discovered that there is a need to unplug.

Below is an extract on this topic from my YouVesion Bible Plan Study on the Life-Work balance.

Smartphones provides nearly constant access to the noisy crowd of humanity. Anybody can call us at any time. They can also email us, or message us or just broadcast their personal noise into our pockets through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram WhatsApp and YouTube.

Jesus understood the danger of noisy crowds, so he regularly withdrew to the wilderness to pray (Mark 1 :35)

This is one reason why his yoke is easy and his burden is light (Matt. 11:28-30). It is not just that he offers an alternative to rules-based religion. He offers us grace and the means to experience grace daily through prayer.

We have to make it an ambition to pray and lead a quiet life. There will always be more work to do! There will always be a crowd to celebrate our good work. The crowd praised Jesus for what he did, so he withdrew. He stopped healing people in order to pray. Jesus did not come to do good deeds and work hard to redeem the world by the sweat of his brow.

Jesus Christ redeemed the world by his very nature, which could not be constrained by death.

We must have this same mindset as Jesus Christ, and, like Jesus, we must withdraw daily and visit with God. God will remind us of our very nature. He will say, “You are my child.” And when we remember who we are before God, our daily to-do lists will be manageable and good. Our obligations will seem light.

After prayer, we will be able to pick up the phone and serve the crowd without anxiety.

I recommend doing this on a daily basis. Have a quiet time in the morning as early as possible and at night to just unplug from this realm & plug into God – Your Source – that is where the enablement comes from to deal with stuff in this world.

In addition to this I recommend a time monthly that you sit with your family to connect without the hindrance of technology.

Switch off the phones, tablets, iPads and just get the old and reliable board games like Monopoly,Chess,Checkers,Snakes & Ladders,other games like Connect-4, Card games,etc.

You can make it a major event by going to a park with another family to play football, volleyball, run, throw some boomerang,fly kites,etc. Just do something fun in the sun.

It will go a long way to make you feel better health-wise, strengthen family bond and generally make your life richer in all areas.

Please give it a try and do let me know. For me I have decided to UNPLUG on a regular basis.

This is my snippet, I AM SHALOMESQ!!!


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