The Quality of Life – Part 1


I recently conducted a network-wide audit at the office with some consultants from South Africa. We spent a lot of time together & during the course of the audit we all got a bit close.

We discussed about work, life, family, visions, politics, Africa & the World in general. Their technical lead was a 50 year old man with a lot of experience who turns out to know a lot of the people I’ve worked with in the past. Telecoms is a small world indeed.

While talking he asked me “Lala, you know about QoS – Quality of Service, QoE – Quality of Experience, but do you know about QoL?

I racked my brain for a while & later said “Stanley, i have no idea”.  He said “QoL means Quality of Life” As a 50 year old man, he has risen to the top & what he measures now is the quality of the life he is living. As a technical person, he said the ultimate for him is running a network that is self-healing ( can automatically manage itself in a case of outage or degradation) & if the outage is severe he can connect remotely to that network ( from the beach of course) & resolve the problem in less than an hour. That to him is the zenith QoL.

I went home that night with a lot of questions on my mind.

Are you living your dreams?

Are your expectations fulfilled?

Do you make decisions that are consistent with your values?

According to Janssen in his Quality-of-Life Studies, “quality of life” reflects the difference, the gap, between the hopes and expectations of a person and their present experience.

Some of the words associated with quality of life include:

  • Expectations
  • Experiences
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • Opportunities

There are 9 areas that determine one’s quality of life & I will be touching on the first 3 briefly:

  • Family: (Expectations) Growing up in a home filled with love can considerably lead to a higher quality of life compared to growing up in an abusive home. But the good news is that its not cast in stone, you can come out of that abusive home & still turn things around to lead a high quality life. I am a living testimony of that.
  • Career: (Experience) The world generally judges us  by what we do, & assumes that our occupation (maybe as an engineer), translates to a higher quality of life (better than if you were a secretary).Under no circumstances are these assumptions correct. A job that attracts higher pay doesn’t guarantee a higher quality of life. Other factors must be put into consideration such as if the job allows you to live your highest values and priorities. Money is not always a motivating factor ( see my post on the Motivated Employee). We need to strike a balance between feeling good about work and working to feel good.
  • Finances: (Flexibility) Another way to measure the quality of life is your flexibility when it comes to finances. Are you free to explore without money restrictions? Can you up now & take a vacation with the Mrs to Maldives without blinking?It is better and healthier to have your finances in order. I am an advocate of being financially disciplined & accountable. I have kept a monthly record of my finances for over 10 years now. The bible says “Money answers all things“, it gives you access to medical care, balanced diet, fun & recreation, these are all important factors that are considered as a standard to measure one’s quality of life.

I will look at the next 3 areas in another post.

Major contributions to the post was made  by Hanna Edia.

Hanna is a writer/blogger/publisher who reached out to me after reading my posts on “Pay it forward“.

She & her team have offered to work with me pro bono & I am grateful for that.

This is my snippet , I am SHALOMESQ!!!



4 thoughts on “The Quality of Life – Part 1

  1. Thanks for sharing. Been talking to some friends about the quality of life and quality of relationships we should have. It should leave us rejuvenated and not strained.
    Looking forward to reading more from you.


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