Hi everyone, its been a while since I posted on my blog ( precisely 17th April 2015) & the post was the “Against All Odds!! Final” posting.

A lot has happened to me since then & I want to give a status report to you all as I am accountable & to answer some of the questions I’ve been asked by some of you as to why there has been no recent posting here.

Firstly, on the 1st of April 2015 I was promoted & reassigned to a new,more challenging & exciting role in my organization,this has taken a lot of my time & I’ve had to use some nuggets about time management from my virtual mentor ( Micheal Hyatt) to be able to publish some posts in the month of April.

Secondly, on the 9th of April 2015,I started posting directly on LinkedIn some specific posts related to career, personal development & leadership. I currently have 19 posts with about 3,000 followers. This move was very strategic for me as I wanted to expand the scope of my reach & try to help more people. Something great came out of this move……more on this later.

This post is meant to give a status update, so let me quick dive into this. I started this blog on the 8th of January 2015 after discussing with a friend of mine as regards denouncing my NATO membership ( NATO stands for No Action talk Only) & she motivated me to take actions & utilize my gifts & talents.

Below are the stats from WordPress since then till now

Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Total
Views 731 761 772 350 95 2709
Visitors 417 512 539 203 55 1726
Views/Visitor 1.75 1.49 1.43 1.72 1.73 1.57
No of post published 18 8 7 3 0 36

There was a steady increase in the numbers of views & visitors in Q1 even though the number of my postings reduced. April became a turning point as I explained above with just 3 postings & a decline in the number of views & visitors as the view per visitor recovered to about January values.

So in summary my stats so far looks like this:

                                                                    2015 Stats
Views 2709
Visitors 1726
Likes 29
Comments 89
Posts 35
Best View Ever 168
Most popular day/ hour Friday 7:00 AM
Countries reached 41

I could not have imagined that I will have an audience in 41 countries of the world, but again I should not be surprised as that is the awesome power of social media & technology.

it’s very clear to me that I need to improve on these numbers going forward & really dig deep to continue to bring quality & inspiring post on a regular basis.

My excursions into LinkedIn was very beneficial as I just received a mail out of the blues from a professional writer who read my postings on “paying it forward” & decided to reach out to me to offer her services & her team to me free of charge. Herself, her team & I will be working in the next couple of weeks to improve the look & feel as well as possibly re-brand the site completely. They will also be major contributors to my postings & will ensure a higher quality & level of professionalism.

I am super excited & looking forward to Q2 & beyond…….

Say a word of prayer & thanksgiving to God on my behalf…It’s my birthday today 3rd June 2015!!!!

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ!!!


3 thoughts on “STATUS UPDATE!!!

  1. Happy BD. Just want to tell you that as far as you can dream it, you can achieve it.

    Keep it up! The sky is your beginning!!


  2. Many congratulations Seyi. I am really happy for u. I have been following Michael Hyatt myself especially his podcast. Just to wish u a happy birthday and looking forward to next phase.


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