Against ALL odds!!! Final

This will be my last post on this topic. In my previous posts( Part1 & Part2) I shared about going out against all odds to get the victory, I gave some examples from events around the world this year & also shared personal experiences about how I overcame some of my fears (phobia). I continued by sharing a challenge I have been facing for about 2 years now & how God helped me out of it.

Again the anchor scripture is 1Cor10:13 from which the following nuggets came:

1. What you are facing is not unique to you. Someone else has gone through the same & won. Learn from those who have won ahead of you.

2. God is faithful. He will NOT allow you to face what is beyond your capacity. If it comes your way, then you have all it takes to face it & win.

3. There is always a way of escape hidden in that challenge. Don’t be distracted, look for it.

As point 3 above highlighted, I started looking for that way of escape by shifting focus from the actors & pawns around me to doing the following:

A. Focused on adding value: While in that raging storm, it was very difficult to concentrate as you see these enemies of progress on a daily basis & you begin to ask yourself, why are people so wicked? A senior colleague of mine spoke to me & said the only way to fight back is to add value. Show what you can do & let people be the judge & that is exactly what I did. I upped my game, spent time reading & learning more, I started showing the  values I could add to the business. I wrote a post about office politics & I’ve seen from experience that adding value is the best office politics that you can play. If done correctly, even the opposition will have to raise the “white flag” & acknowledge you.

B. Zoned in on my Safe Havens: Another thing I did was to ensure that I had happy places to escape to.  Anytime I was faced with new set of challenges from these evil plotters, I will just zone into my safe havens. God  & my family (Wife & Kids) became my refuge & fortress. The pressure built up & things were going crazy on a daily basis, but the moment I get to church or get home to see the joy on my kids faces as the run to my car screaming “Daddy is here” & I get into the warm embrace of my wife, there was relief & added strength to face the next day.

While I was being diligent & prayerful on my side focusing on the way of escape, God started moving things around to favor me. By September 2014, a bishop was moved to create space & then two knights competed for the space, but the white knight won & got moved up thus creating a move for this pawn to step forward. I thought these people would have tapped some wisdom during the major shakeup & realize that things are not working in their favor, but they continued in their master plot & schemes(A dog that is bound to be lost will not listen to his master’s whistle) still hoping for a victory down the line.

When the bible says ” No weapon form or fashioned against you shall prosper”, it doesn’t mean the enemy will not spend time to make, form or fashion the weapon, but when they are done & sure that this ultimate weapon will work, that’s when God steps in to ensure that it fails. God frustrates the token of lies, he loves doing that a lot. LOL!!!

After all the shakeup dust had settled, thing got clearer & I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that spurred me on to do more & when the enemy made his final, most dangerous move & said CHECK! God made his move ( I was totally unaware of it) & said CHECKMATE!!! They checked all possible moves, but there was none, this little pawn had gradually moved, one step at a time to becoming the QUEEN!!!!

God turned everything around for my good! He turned around their plot to get me fired & instead I got promoted & re-deployed to the most interesting area of the business, at the very edge of technology with tentacles everywhere.

As I write this final post, I am swelled up with emotions & glad that everything panned out they way it did. I now have the template & nuggets of winning against all odds. I do hope that what i have shared will be of help to anyone going through a storm right now………And if He did it before, He can do it again!!!

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ!!!


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