Against ALL odds!!! Part 2

In my previous post, I highlighted the need to overcome fear & started to share a personal experience. But before I continue with more key points, I would like to emphasize that there is a clear difference between FEAR & DANGER. A colleague of mine pointed this out after reading my previous post. Even though fear might be false evidences that you can easily overcome by knowledge, danger is real.

Danger is “the possibility of suffering a harm or injury”, so in as much as you want to confront your fears, ensure that you are wise about it & don’t put your life at risk.

1Cor10:13 (AMP) was my anchor scripture & the first point I highlighted was the fact that anything you are facing right now is not unique to you. It is common to man, someone somewhere had faced the same thing & won. You need to find out how they overcame that obstacle against all odds to come out tops. There are examples across board from politics, to sports, to businesses, etc.

The second point to note is that God is faithful. He knows you more than you know yourself & He has great plans for you. He will not allow you to be tested beyond what you can handle. Imagine a secondary school mathematics teacher who has been teaching trigonometry to his students all term, then sets up calculus exams for the student at end of the term. I am sure the students will complain & parents will take it up with the school authorities indicating that the teacher is not fair. Teachers are bound to test their students based on what they have been taught & nothing more, if teachers are faithful to abide by this rule, how much more God. God will not allow you to be tempted or challenged beyond your capacity. So when you are going through those hard times, know that you have enough resources within you to overcome it & come out on top at the end.

The third point to note is that packaged with that test, trial, tribulation, tough time, etc is a way of escape. I have come to understand that for every test, a way of escape is mysteriously embedded. Going back to the teacher analogy, I remembered that in my school days our teachers/lecturers usually give us exams A.O.C ( Area Of Concentration). This means even though the syllabus covered 15 areas, the exam questions will most likely come from 4-5 areas, so if you concentrate on those areas very well, there is a huge chance of success. In the same light God ALWAYS gives the solution alongside the trial, you just need to concentrate & look for it.

In looking for this way of escape, you need to take your focus off the people. Human beings are instruments in the hands of God or the devil. They can be used to effect things positively or negatively depending on how yielded they are to God or the devil. I had to learn this the hard way myself, it was difficult because I could see those that were plotting my downfall & scheming to ensure I failed. But after a while I realized that “We don’t wrestle against flesh & blood“, the battle was not physical, but spiritual.

So I took the case to God & said “These people have challenged me, set themselves against me to ensure i fall, but because my life is hid in Christ in God, they are challenging You God, please show them that you are God & you reign in the affairs of men“.

I shifted my focus from them ( the people, who became characters in the script God was writing, they became pieces on a chessboard as God began to make moves to checkmate them) to finding the way of escape.

Even though I saw walls all around me closing in, I reached out by faith for the door within the wall – A way of escape!!!!

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ!!!


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