Paying it forward! my experience so far!!! Part 2

Welcome to the month of March!!!!

Yesterday, I shared about the concept of paying it forward, sowing seeds & my experiences so far. In that post, I gave 2 examples of me paying it forward, sowing seeds & reaping the desired harvest. Today I would like to conclude on this discuss by sharing a couple more examples.

Thirdly, I always had the desire to have a fantastic career & make it in life generally. I wanted to be comfortable, I remember praying during my teenage years that it doesn’t matter the price of milk ( or any item for that matter) in the market, I will be so blessed that I will have at least twice that amount at my disposal to buy it.

When I left the university (college) & enrolled for the compulsory 1-year para-military training ( NYSC) in January 2002, working in Telecoms was the in-thing, prior to that it was Oil & Gas, getting a good job was really difficult considering the number of graduates Nigeria churns out every year, but I wasn’t disturbed as I had sowed seeds by working for people practically for free.

My gratitude challenge day 2 post acknowledges these fine souls who gave me the chance & because of the seeds I had sown, I placed a demand on the principle of God for a harvest. So I wasn’t surprised when I got a job with a small telecoms firm in a very miraculous way after I had turned down a Bank job. I got exactly what I wanted & desired.

Fourthly, after getting the telecoms job & starting my career, I had the desire to progress & make a name for myself in this field, I wanted to move to a bigger telecoms company & just take off from there. But I had friends & colleagues that were not so privileged like me, either they didn’t have a job yet or where not in the field they desired & just settled for the odd job just to make ends meet. I dedicated my time & efforts into helping them make the career move they desired, I particularly remember 2 friends that I helped come into telecoms, they were so excited about the new job & even shared with me the details of their pay packages, I was so happy for them.

When the time came for me to make my move to another telecoms firm, my new salary was a precise sum of the salaries of the 2 friends I had helped. It looked spooky to me & God told me that it was the reward of my seed.

It has worked for me precisely like this more than once. Now if I help 3 people get jobs, the salary of my next job will be about the sum of the salaries paid in each job.

I moved up so fast & so much in my career that I became an authority in the field of mobile data & related services. I was privileged to consult for different Telecoms operators outside Nigeria for a period of 4 years. Again I got what I wanted & desired.

I have deliberately not talked about money as a seed because I wanted to focus on other areas, but please remember this principle is of general application & I challenge you to take it up & see it work in your life just as it has in mine.

I am where I am today by the Grace of God. Surely I had a part to play in getting here, but the bulk of this is God.

Before I leave, it’s worthy to note that this principle works for both good & evil. So if you sow wickedness, intimidation, bully & hatred to a fellow human or in any situation, you will get the harvest in a big way.

I like to focus on good & not evil, a word is enough for the wise.

So please don’t be selfish any longer, look for people to bless, pay it forward & see God pay you back more than you can ever imagine, in ways that are beyond your wildest thoughts.

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ


2 thoughts on “Paying it forward! my experience so far!!! Part 2

  1. True n I totally agree to that principle of seed time n harvest. As simple as it sounds ppl don’t want to be there for others any more, we are gradually becoming self centered.

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