The Sound of Music – A classic!!

A couple of days ago, I watched a rerun of the Oscars and I was fascinated as always, looking at the set-up, lights and sounds, the organization, the thank you speeches, e.t.c. But what got me super excited was when Lady Gaga sang an ensemble of songs from The Sound of Music as a tribute to Julie Andrews in celebrating 50 years since that movie was released.

Sound of Music is a classic any day, Julie was awesome with her 4-octave voice. I have highlighted before that I saw some parallels with the movie as my father was in the navy and he also had a whistle call for each child, he was a tough man.

Seeing the movie the first time in the 80’s brought out the child in me and till today I still remember those songs, “Do-Re-Mi”, “my favourites things”, “sixteen going on seventeen”, “So long farewell” e.t.c.

This movie & the songs were key to my relationship, my wife at the time we met knew these songs & it was instant sparks when we started talking about this movie & some other movies we loved.

Lady Gaga did such a fantastic job that I have gone on iTunes & bought the whole audio album  & its now on all of my devices & my kids will be listening to it everyday on our drive to school.

For such body of work to have lasted for 50 years & the effect is still the same, I must ensure that I pass the torch to the next generation. So kids buckle up as we learn Do-Re-Mi…..

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ


2 thoughts on “The Sound of Music – A classic!!

  1. Sound of Music was the first VHS tape i bought to break my VCR in! That was 15yrs ago, my American friends could not understand my fascination with this movie even though they grew up here(America).

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    1. Thank you Yemisi, it’s such a classic that I don’t understand why some people don’t get it. It appeals to the little child in me every time I watch it. Do spread the gospel dear.


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