The Swan Story!!!

I recently remembered a story I had heard a while back. As I recall, a teenage boy & his dad took a walk to the park to enjoy nature & just relax. They had a stop over at the park’s pond & as the boy looked at a couple of swans swimming across the pond he reflected out loud. He said ” Dad, I would like my life to be just like these swans, I just want to glide over the waters, things working for me easily with no stress”. The father looked at him with so much love & said “Son these swans look so graceful & majestic at the surface, but serious wheel & pedal work is going on below”.

A lot of people want the good stuff, but are not willing to put in the required work. A successful life is really a very disciplined life, like I mentioned in a previous post, a very successful athlete will attest to the fact that he/she needs absolute discipline to attain & maintain that success. It takes the wheel & pedal work below to have a graceful & majestic glide above.

How do you define a successful life? To me being successful means finding out the reason why you are here on earth & fulfilling that purpose. Think about this, there are about 6 billion people on earth & you are the only YOU in the world’s population,surely there must be a reason you are here. Of all the sperms that was released from you dad to your mom, YOU made it through. That is not an accident, God knows why he made you & fulfilling that reason is success!!

Living a balanced, well rounded life is also success. There is no sense in celebrating a high flyer at work whose family life is in shambles & on top of that has high blood pressure with no social skills.

I have personally worked at these things over the years to ensure that I lead a balanced & successful life. As Pastor Ana Sweet said “You might argue against my principles, but you cant argue against my results”

The wheel & pedal action of the swan reminded me of a concept called the “Wheel of Life”. I highlighted this concept in my posts on “State of Affairs” & Setting the right priorities“.

The Wheel of Life consists of various areas or aspects & they are:

  • Spiritual
  • Family
  • Career
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Mental

I would like to encourage you to take this up as a challenge, look at your life right now from these 7 perspectives & assess where you are in the light of where you ought to be in each area. Design a plan to move things forward,in the direction of your destiny & watch how things will turn around for the better.

I have a template that I have used over the years & it will be my pleasure to share that with you. Let me not kid you, this is really tough at the beginning but it gets better as you consistently commit to it, the goal is to have this on auto-pilot to the extend that it becomes effortless, lust like that swan glides gracefully on the water.

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ


5 thoughts on “The Swan Story!!!

  1. This is entirely through. There is of a necessity an input before output. Chinese bamboo tree will have to be consistently watered for 5 years before an amazing incomparable growth


  2. Well said… just as Helene Keller said, true happiness comes through our fidelity to a worthy purpose in life. This can only be sustained through serious wheel and pedal at the background. Nice work


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