This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!! Part 2

In the last post on this topic, we highlighted a couple of nuggets that were very fundamental. Now let’s move forward to conclude on this matter.

Our text was from Genesis 2:18-24. Now in Verse 21 God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; while he slept God did the miraculous work of taking one of Adam’s ribs, replaced it with flesh & then made a woman out of that rib. After making the woman, God brought her to the man.

After “naming” all of the female folks around you, in your social landscape, its possible, most likely that you will not find your Eve amongst them.

The next thing based on verse 21 will be for God to cause you to sleep.

What is sleep? This is a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.  I have deliberately highlighted some part of this definition of sleep to make some points.

1.  Inactive: In my case, God told me to drop off the social circle. I wasn’t socially dead, but asleep, I just basically laid low.

2.Eyes closed: In Adam’s case it was his physical eye, in this case it’s your mind. The bible talks about the eye of the mind ( understanding) being enlightened. You need to be focused on God & totally unconscious of your environment, you cant at this time be wandering here & there about the ladies you’ve met, who fits you or tickle your fancy. Your mind must be on God as he fashions a wonderful being for you.

3. Muscles relaxed: During this period you must be relaxed totally trusting in God to do only what Him alone can do. Remember he is interested in you settling down, it was his idea in the first place, so let him have his way.

4. Consciousness practically suspended: In this day & age, there are a lot of information as regards choosing a life partner,dating, courtship, marriage, e.t.c. I am a fan of Steve Harvey’s show. It’s good to read & have these information, but you must suspend all of them & submit totally to God’s way as it is the best.

Another key part of that verse is the corporation from Adam, God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,but he also aligned by sleeping. It’s possible that God wants to sort you out in this area & you are not ready to corporate. You don’t want to sleep, you still want to be up & about in the social arena looking for that life partner, but you will do well Adam to sleep & let God perfect his work.

While Adam slept God performed the surgery, took out the bone, replaced it with flesh, made the Woman & brought he to him. In my case that “sleeping” experience took me about 1 year of dropping off the social grid & just concentrating on loving God & on my studies. God did the miraculous for me on the 16th of November 1998, I saw this angel for the first time & I just knew she was THE ONE!! Just like Adam said in verse 23This is now bone of my bones & flesh of my flesh, she shall be called a WOMAN”

We so much clicked at all levels that my friend whom I accompanied to check her room-mate  felt like a stranger by the end of that day. She invited us for her birthday the week after & the rest is history.

Verse 24 is another message on its own worthy of another post, but I will just pass a few comments on this.

The whole idea of marriage from God’s perspective is that:

1. The Man must leave father & mother: There must be a separation, physically, mentally, financially, location-wise, e.t.c. Any man that is still tied to his parents & relies on them for food,shelter & money is not yet ready to be married.  As a standard, the Man must have a job ( be able to cater for himself & his bride) & a place he is living ( not necessarily a palace, but a comfortable roof over his head).

2. The Man must become united & cleave to his wife: There are 2 operative words here & they are cleave & become. After leaving parents & family, the man must cleave to his wife. You cant cleave until you leave!!! The main focus must be on the new home being built as a unit of the society.

3. They ( Man & Wife) must become One: They must become one flesh. “Become” indicates the fact that a process is involved. a lot of people think that marriage is magical space where things just go on rails. My submission is that yes it can be heaven on earth, but you must work at it, there is a process, principles to maintain to ensure that God’s design is achieved in your home. Just like it works with a team, there are different stages in team dynamics ( FORMING,STORMING, NORMING, PERFORMING), so it is with marriage. The ceremony will last for a couple of days, but the marriage is meant to be forever.

This concludes phase 1 – the discussion regarding choosing the right life partner.

I will be focusing on phase 2 – courtship in a couple of postings to come.

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ


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