Setting the right priorities !!!

I was part of a management training class organized by my company in 2012 specifically designed for managers. As part of the class we had one of the company’s Director come in to have a real heart-to-heart chat with us.

This man was loved by those in his directorate, he commanded respect wherever he went & had a fantastic career working within & outside the shores of Nigeria.

So we asked him the question “What makes you tick?” & his response was profound. He mentioned a couple of things, but what resonated with me the most was when He said ” The secret is that there is no secret, I just ensured that in anything I do, I set my priorities correctly particularly in this order… GOD…FAMILY…CAREER.

I love reading through quotable quotes & the moment he said that I remembered what Ray Kroc, the founder of MacDonald’s said. he said ” I believe in God, Family & MacDonald’s”. While reading up on Zig Ziglar, he also mentioned that in order of priorities he is seriously motivated by “God, Family & Country”.

This director shared how he lived his life setting his priorities in this way & how it has been so rewarding for him. He mentioned that it was very challenging, but rewarding eventually.

Then I realized that I have also set my priorities in like manner (God…Family..Career) even though I didn’t consciously think about it that way until he mentioned it.

I was born into a Christian home, so the values of knowing that God existed, he created,owns & controls everything was already etched into my mindset. I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus when I was twelve while listening to a preacher (Pastor Olubi Johnson) on TV, my spirit was reconnected back to the Source & my life changed. Ever since till date, God has been & continues to be the foundation for everything I have done, I seek his counsel in decision making, I allow his Spirit to direct my affairs & totally put my trust in Him & His Word.

God has been so good to me by giving me the privilege to walk with Him, he has blessed me so much that if all of my hair were turn into tongues it wont be enough to thank him. I dedicated some of my initial posts to being grateful to Him for all he has done for me in various areas of my life. I totally realize that all of my successes, achievements, abilities, skills, e.t.c comes from him. With him I can do all things, without him I am nothing.

I can go on & on, but its suffice to say God is my source, my rock & shield, a present help in times of trouble. If you have not had an encounter with Him, please feel free to contact me for more details, I will be glad to share.

After establishing my total reliance on God, the next most important priority for me is my Family.

My family is very important to me as after God they are the next set of people that know me very well & will stand by me at all times. I am aware that many people will argue about this fact as they have examples of bad family members, those that didn’t support them or show love, e.t.c. This is one thing I know, God deliberately gives you a family to belong to, you don’t get to choose that for yourself & there is a reason why you are part of that family. It will do you a world of good to find out why & make the best out of it.

I learnt a lot of values from my family. The ability to live a disciplined & dedicated life, the strive for excellence, integrity, honesty & taking pride in the work of your hands.

My father had a stint with the Nigerian Navy before going into broadcasting, I also had one uncle or the other who served in the military ( Army, Air Force or Police), so I had people that could “set me straight” all around me. Just like sound of music, my dad had a special whistle-call for each child & God help you if you didn’t answer & be right in front of him on the 2nd call.

I remember spending a particular holiday with my favourite uncle & he stressed the need to be so organized, he said ” If you were taken to your room blind-folded & naked, you should be able to come out fully dressed without missing a single thing”. I learnt a lot of values & virtues from them that has affected my work ethics positively.

My mum taught me to be confident, to dress smartly, to be very articulate & to love & respect people, she would tell me to be proud of myself & not be intimidated by anyone. She would say “They don’t have two heads son go for it“. I must admit that it wasn’t all nice & rosy, I also saw a lot of bad stuff I didn’t imbibe thanks to God but by & large I gleaned more good than bad.

Aside the wider family spectrum, the most important to me is my immediate family ( My wife & kids), I will do anything for my crew, I love them so much & I know they love me in return in equal measure ( if not more).

They have been very key to decisions I have made about work ( location,career path,salary, e.t.c.). My wife & I decided before we got married, what kind of job will be good for us to take, not to take a job that will make us live in different cities/countries, we aligned on how many kids we wanted, what kind of life & home we wanted them to have and a whole lot of other things.

With my background & the kind of home I grew up in, my family was going to be heaven on earth, an haven of peace & praise, my joy & pride and I am so happy & grateful that this is exactly what I got. I am so keen to finishing at work & rushing home to see those cute & beautiful faces everyday. A lot of my friends & colleagues have made comments about my lovely family & are envious of the relationship I have with my wife & some even come to me for advise. I am truly blessed, it could only have been God.

Finally, the last of these 3 is my Career. I have been given the privilege to have a very successful career so far & I know I am not done yet. I strive for excellence in everything I do, I hold my head high with dignity & I am very organized & meticulous in my dealings at work. These are values I have learnt from my family (another reason why family is so important).

A lot of people make the mistake of placing their career above their family, but fail to realize that when that career is over, all they will have left is their families. Don’t get me wrong, your career is important, we all want to be successful & want to be recognized for it, but what is the essence of having all of that without a family to celebrate & enjoy it with.

So please try to get your priorities straight, set your house in order, put some boundaries on how you handle your affairs ( check out this post) & I know that you will lead a more successful & fulfilling life, a life that God & your family will be super proud of.

I leave you with this quote from George H. Lorimer “Behind every noble life there are principles that have fashioned it”. These are principles that are currently working for me & I am sure it will work for you too.

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ


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