Standing before Kings!!

I recently checked the sports page of BBC  and saw an article about the signing of Nigerian female football sensation Asisat Oshoala by the reigning UEFA women’s champions league winners Liverpool Ladies FC.

Asisat ( formerly of River Angels) busted into the scene during the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup where she was voted the MVP( Most Valuable Player- golden ball) and also won the golden boot (tournament’s highest goal scorer). She continued in that path, by showing her stuff during the African Women’s Nations cup in which Nigeria’s Super Falcons won and she also took home the golden boot.

During the recent CAF awards, she won both the African Woman Footballer as well as the Young African Player of 2014 and now she is preparing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada latter this year with the Super Falcons.

I was so pleased to read that she has now signed with Liverpool Ladies at the age of 21 to become the first African to play in the Super League & what came to my mind was the expression ” Standing before Kings“.

The bible says in Prov22:29″ Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men“. This is very true in Asisat’s case, her gift and talent made way for her and pushed her to the limelight.

I have experienced this to some extent in my career, my gift & talent in IT/Telecoms & project management, especially Mobile Data Services has given me the privilege to travel the world, meet a lot of people in the industry, made a name for myself as well as do well financially.

What are the gifts and talents that you have as an individual? It might not be  playing the beautiful game of football( soccer), it might be writing a blog, dancing, singing, you can coordinate or organize things or events very well? You are fluent in languages, you talk very well in public, e.t.c.

You need to put that gift into good use, don’t bury that talent. You have it in you for a reason and the world is waiting to experience what you have in you . It is unique to you!

A couple of pointers to help if you already know the gifts & talents that you have. If you are yet to discover it, then you need to run some diagnostics on yourself to find it out. Believe me you have greatness inside of you!!!

1. Start using that gift ( start well): There is this expression that I like “If you don’t use it you loose it”. It means when it comes to your talent or gift, you need to put pressure on it so that it can flow out. You must start to use that gift or talent right now. Start well, don’t focus on starting big.

A lot of big things starts small, that big, tall handsome young man started as a sperm. The big oak tree that has lasted for centuries, started as a seed.

My love for technology started when I was a kid, I would open up TV & radio sets out of curiosity just to catch the man in the box. Yes I spoilt a lot of things & got spanked for it, yet my curiosity increased. A special word for parents of young kids, please look out for that talent in your kids & help them to start using it.


Don’t procrastinate start NOW!!!

2. Get the right environment/support: Just like a seed needs the right environment ( water, sunlight, good soil, e.t.c), your talent needs the same things, you need to get the right support structure to bring out the best in you. My mother had a big dream that I will be a medical doctor & I also loved the idea of being called a doctor as well as their white lab coats, but the problem was I  hate seeing blood, don’t like touching grouse things especially fluids from someone else &  to top it off I did not like Biology is Secondary ( Senior High) school. Summing all of these up, my mom knew medicine will not be the way to go.

By the time I finished Senior High & was ready for the University ( College), my interest in technology had increase as the computer age came along. I had the option to study Computer Engineering or Electrical/Electronics Engineering, after consultation with my mentors, I selected Electrical/Electronic Engineering. She sent me for the first 6 months to spend time in an Electrical Engineering workshop & the next 6 months in an Electronics workshop, by the end of that year when my results came out & I got into college I knew what I was going to do & why.

The right environment & support structure is very critical to ensure that the gift is not truncated in you. Look for mentors who are thriving in the area of your talent & learn from them.

3. Be consistent!! Work hard!! Don’t give up: After staring well, getting planted in the right environment & having the right support system, the next important thing is your consistency, hard work & tenacity. Success doesn’t come easy, people are out there that will discourage you & tell you its not possible for someone like you to have that talent or to exhibit that gift. Turn your back to the crowd, set your eyes on the goal, buckle down & get cracking.

To “stand before kings“, you must be the very best at what you do. The world is full of heroes & legends in different fields of endeavour, Usain Bolt, Christiano Ronaldo,Mohammed Ali,Roger Federer, Tiger Woods,Lewis Hamilton, George Clooney, Samuel L.Jackson, Barak Obama, Martin Luther King Jnr, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, just to mention a few. These guys worked hard, didn’t give up & were consistent.

Consistency is the key to breakthrough.

4. Always Raise the Bar: The major hindrance to you next success is your last one. You need to quickly celebrate your success & archive it as you constantly raise the bar. Don’t settle for less, dream big, dream bigger, have the biggest dream ever.

If you have the talent or gift & you are very good at it, your breakthrough is just a matter of time as that gift will make a way for you & bring you to stand before Kings & not mere men.

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ





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