State of Affairs

I watched the State of Union address by US President Obama a couple of days ago & as always I was inspired. He has been & continues to be a source of inspiration to me ever since I got to know about him in 2008.

He stands for me as a barrier breaker, a line crosser someone who has defiled the odds to make what seemed impossible or unthinkable happen. He is one of my symbols of possibilities!!!

After the speech, a question came to my mind… What is the state of my affairs? For the next  few days, I did a scan of my life in all areas, conducted an appraisal & collated the results.

I will like to ask you that same question, WHAT IS THE STATE OF YOUR AFFAIRS? I am aware of the NBC’s TV series  “State of Affairs” staring Katherine Heigl, but this post is not about that, its about YOU as an individual.

Just like POTUS touched on various aspects of the American economy in his speech, you also need to appraise different areas of your life.

Here are a few areas you should review in order of priority, these areas forms the circle of life:

1. Spiritual Affairs: How are your affairs with God ( the big man upstairs)?

Are you standing right with him?

Is he pleased with you?

Are you about his business?

Have you discovered your purpose in life & are you working towards it?

Are you at the centre of God’s will for you life?

I’ve had to carry out this assessment & I am happy to say that my answer is YES to most of them, while i’m still working on improving on a lot.

2. Family Affairs: How are things with your family?

After God, they are the next big contributor to your life.

My family went through tough times last year, but haven gone through it, we’ve come out on the other side closer & more determined to enjoy one another’s company & communicate more.

You also need to do this, your career is not as important as your family.

3. Career Affairs: If you notice, the order was deliberate, God-Family-Career.

A lot of people have poured themselves into their jobs so much so that they miss-out on the time they ought to spend with family.

Family is very critical to us living effectively as individuals. Everything that works is connected.

Career is also very important, everyone strives for mastery, recognition & progress. You need to assess this aspect as well.

Do you need to add another certification or degree?

Do you need to go for that interview so as to move up the corporate ladder?

Do you need to make a lateral move?

Check to be sure things are right in this compartment of your life & ensure that you are happy.

If not make moves to change it.

4. Social Affairs: Just like America assessed her standing & relationship with Cuba & other countries, you also need to check your social landscape.

Are there friends you need to upgrade to family status or those that you need to downgrade & cut off?

Always surround yourself with friends that challenge you to do more, not sycophants.

You need loyal friends that will stick to you at all times, friends that will look you straight in the eye & tell you the hurtful truth.

I learnt from John Maxwell that I need to surround myself with GIANTS. Don’t be the wisest, brightest, most intelligent among your friends,if you are then you need to change your friends.

Last year I’ve had to evaluate my friends & adjust accordingly, those that are heading my way & are loyal to the cause have been upgraded while others have been demoted or cut-off completely.

This might sound harsh but the type of company you keep affects you. The bible says ” He that walks with the wise will be wise, but a companion of fools will be destroyed“. Be wise.

5. Physical Affairs:  I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t really take care of their physical body.

Especially married folks, they all look stunning gorgeous & handsome before marriage, but once they get married, the  men starts to add flesh , the 6-packs becomes 1 huge ball ( big tummy), the women don’t take care of their figure & shape.

This is not right! we must take care of our bodies.

Your diet is key, you need to watch your weight, constantly check your BMI ( Body Mass Index) to ensure that you are OK.

Watch your eating, sleeping & resting pattern.

A former colleague of mine ( who I’ve not seen in over 10 years) recently saw my picture & said I still look the same –even younger– and she was asking for my secret.

Every 3 June ( my birthday) I ask people to guess my age & I’m amazed that they give numbers that are 5-10 year below my actual age.

I take care of myself, I sleep 6-8 hours daily, eat right & exercise regularly ( I swim & play tennis). I have a long life ahead of me & I want to enjoy it very well so I need a good body to do that.

6. Financial Affairs: A lot of people are not financially smart & so they run into debts & financial pressure.

We need to assess ourselves from a financial standpoint.

You must know how much comes into your coffers (income)?

What percentage of it do you spend?

What percentage do you save?

What percentage do you dedicate to help others?

This is very key for singles as well as married folks.

I will dedicate a post to financial education later so that we can take a deeper dive into this important aspect.

7. Mental Affairs: We started with spiritual affairs, touched on the physical ( body), now this is about the soul.

The mental affairs focuses on your IQ, your knowledge base & the state of your mind.

You need to assess this area to ensure that you are learning, progressing & not static.

I love to acquire knowledge so I read a lot. I have a target to read at least 4 books every year.

I need to be alert & mentally sharp, this helps me as I interact with people at all levels & in all areas of my life.

I’ve tried to just touch on each area briefly, but there is a lot to dig into for each area.

I conducted this assessment on myself & got the results which I will be working on for the next 11 months to ensure I lead a balanced & fulfilling life…..

Can I just ask again about you…WHAT IS THE STATE OF AFFAIRS?

This is my snippet, I am SHALOMESQ


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